Intervening Early and Often: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

  • When students struggle, learning in school is difficult. Using a multi-tiered system of instructional services, supports, and strategies, all students can learn regardless of their disability.

    Pre-Referral Interventions

    Pre-referral intervention processes are structured, organized methods that involve critical staff, typically an administrator, general education teacher, special education teacher, nurse, and at times, a school psychologist, and parents.




    National and LAUSD MTSS Initiatives

    The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was reauthorized in 2004 to address the need to provide timely instructional intervention to students prior to referral for special education services. National and state organizations provide teachers and parents with valuable MTSS resources.


    Multi-Tiered Literacy Intervention K-12

    Learning how to read, in addition to acquiring the listening, speaking, and writing skills essential to the English language, is a complex process. Students with different types of disabilities or learning needs often require novel approaches.  


    Multi-Tiered Math Intervention K-12

    Being able to use numeracy skills to solve real-world problems is necessary for participation in society. Students can learn both foundational and advanced computation and problem solving skills using a variety of instructional approaches.


    Intensive Diagnostic Education Centers (IDEC)

    Specialized centers at sites throughout the District to help students who are “non-responders” to traditional instruction learn to read and learn basic numeracy skills using the latest, evidence-based practices.