Core Beliefs

  • Equity
    We believe we must unapologetically call out and close the persistent opportunity gaps that disproportionately impact Black, Latinx, foster, unhoused, LGBTQIA+, immigrant, and other historically underserved communities. We must disrupt the generational, systemic manifestations of discrimination, racism, and bigotry affecting our schools. We will actively identify and amplify the successes of our schools that eliminate inequities. We will strategically allocate resources to our students and families to ensure that students are celebrated and supported.
    We believe we exist to serve the students and families of Los Angeles Unified, and we acknowledge the many voices who have a vested interest in the success of Los Angeles Unified. Our decisions, policies, and programs are designed with learners at the center. All actions are informed by listening and learning from the community through open dialogue to create authentic partnership opportunities so that our entire extended community may contribute toward student success. 
    We believe the communities served by Los Angeles Unified deserve the most exemplary education that prepares all students to achieve postsecondary excellence. For our community, we must deliver schools and an entire system that meets the promise of all of our unique students