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  • It is the District's position that any student willing to accept the challenge of advanced coursework should be enrolled in AP and provided with the requisite academic support (BUL-6831.1, Advanced Placement Program).


    Professional development, including the AP/Pre-AP Two-Day Summer Institute, is a vital component for sustaining the District's AP program and ensuring both teacher and student success. The no-cost workshops focus on course development, course-specific AP exam, available resources and models of research-based instructional strategies that support AP success for all.


    The District also provides supplemental instructional support for students and teachers through the AP Readiness program. There are two strands of AP Readiness, (STEM and Humanities). Each strand meets once a month at UCLA from September through April. The AP Readiness sessions are provided at no cost to students and teachers.


    LAUSD is firmly committed to the goal of ensuring that all students graduate equipped with the knowledge and skills  for college and career success.


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