Everyone Mentors Los Angeles
  • Public Education is a Shared Responsibility


    We believe public education is a collective good and the shared responsibility of the community. To make a difference in the lives of our students, Los Angeles Unified is launching Everyone Mentors LA.

    To ensure every student graduates Ready for the World, this new mentoring initiative will match students contending with declining grades, chronic absenteeism, social emotional support and other challenges that have inhibited their academic success with a mentor from the Los Angeles community.

  • Everyone Mentors LA

    Why This Matters

    Mentoring provides students with a positive adult role model who is an objective observer, an encouragement, good listener and a beneficial companion.

    A mentor demonstrates to a child that he or she is important. Through mentoring, students increase grade point averages, test scores and attendance, are less likely to use illegal drugs and alcohol, demonstrate better social skills and adaptation to school and develop positive interactions and self-esteem.

    In other words, the benefits of mentoring are innumerable to student development.

    How You Can Get Involved

    The city, state, country and world benefit when students succeed because they are tomorrow’s problem solvers and changemakers. Consequently, we are launching Everyone Mentors LA so every individual and organization has the opportunity to pay it forward in the lives of our students.

    Los Angeles Unified has identified more than 27,000 students at our priority schools who could benefit from mentorships. If you are interested in helping us address this need, please complete this interest form. We will contact you in the coming weeks to introduce you to one of our trusted mentoring providers.