Least Restrictive Environment (LRE) Counseling

  • LRE counseling is a related service available to identified special education students with physical and health impairments that adversely impact their ability to access the general education campus. LRE counselors collaborate with students, families, and school staff regarding school-based access issues. LRE counselors also collaborate with school staff when students are being considered for dual enrollment between a nonpublic school and the general education public school campus.


    Eligibility Criteria

    Students who may be eligible for LRE counseling services include students are identified as:

    • OI - Orthopedically Impaired
    • TBI - Traumatic Brain Injured
    • OHI - Other Health Impaired (specific conditions)
    • MDO - Multiple Disabilities-Orthopedic



    Services Provided

    Services provided by LRE Counselors include:

    • Counseling with students to assist with school adjustment problems related to academic, social and/or health concerns;
    • Facilitating the transition of matriculating students to a new grade or campus;
    • Consulting with students, district support service providers and outside agencies as needed to support the student;
    • Supporting parents, teachers, and school staff with issues related to the student’s disability;
    • Advocating for educational placement in the least restrictive environment.



    Dual Enrollment and LRE Counselors

    Dual enrollment is designed to assist students enrolled in a nonpublic school setting as they re-integrate back into the public school.  In this role, the LRE counselor attends the IEP meeting in which dual enrollment is discussed;  collaborates with the public school of residence to support the transition; monitors student’s progress in both school settings.  Candidates  for dual enrollment demonstrate evidence of good citizenship, good attendance, and acceptable grades.


    LRE counselors support all schools where there is a need. A formal assessment is not required to consider LRE counseling support.  LRE counseling can consist of individual and/or group counseling, collaboration, consultation, monitoring, and informal assessment.  If the IEP team feels that LRE counseling may benefit a student with identified special education needs, or if there are questions regarding this type of service, contact the closest Local District - Special Education and ask for one of the LRE counselors.