Adapted Physical Education Service Completion Guidelines

  • Dismissal from Adapted Physical Education shall be determined if any of the following applies:
    • The student’s gross motor deficits no longer negatively affects his/her educational performance in general physical education or specially designed physical education program.


    • The student no longer requires Adapted Physical Education as a related/DIS service in order to benefit from his/her special education program.


    • The student consistently demonstrates behaviors that inhibit progress in gross motor development, such as a lack of cooperation, motivation, or chronic absenteeism. In these circumstances the IEP Team should consider the initial eligibility decision since these behaviors may reflect social maladjustment, environmental, cultural, or economic factors rather than an actual disability. The IEP team may also explore alternative services or strategies to remedy interfering behaviors or conditions.


    • The student’s needs will be better served by an alternative program and/or service, as determined by the IEP team.


    • He/she graduates from high school or has met the secondary physical education requirement (barring health issues that indicate continued services are necessary to maintain quality of life).


    • He/she reaches the age of 22 years.