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    District Office of Transition Services    

  • Our mission is to prepare students with disabilities ages 14+ to transition from school to adult life. Transition planning includes instructional activities, collaboration, employment preparation, and assessment to help students identify and move toward their post secondary goals.  
    Transition support is a team effort among case carriers, general education teachers, special education teachers, related service staff, transition teachers, parents/guardians, and agency partners (as appropriate).  

    Transition services facilitated by transition teachers includes:
    • Targeted and individualized transition activities to help students prepare for postsecondary education, employment, and independent living. 
    • Partnerships with Department of Rehabilitation and Workability I to provide unique services and paid work-based learning experiences. 
    • Connecting students and families with outside agencies that may provide transition support during and after high school. 
    • Providing training and support for compliant Individual Transition Plan (ITP) development as part of the Individualized Educational Program (IEP). 
    • Transition assessments are utilized to identify student strengths, preferences, interests, and needs in the areas of education, employment, and independent living.  

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