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  • About FSD

    The Facilities Services Division is responsible for the execution of the District's school construction bond programs, the maintenance and operations of schools, the utilization of existing assets, and master planning for future capital projects.

    Currently the District comprises:

    • 710 square miles with more than 21,000 buildings totaling more than 75 million square feet.
    • Total student enrollment including Adult Education is over 570,000.
    • More than 1,400 schools and centers.


    FSD Bond Program

    The Facilities Services Division (FSD) is managing a $32.9 billion program to build new schools to reduce overcrowding and modernize existing campuses throughout the District. Until recently, the primary goal of the bond program had been to reduce overcrowding by providing students with the opportunity to attend a neighborhood school operating on a traditional, two-semester calendar. Over 170,000 new seats were delivered to achieve this goal.

    The current focus of the FSD Bond Program is towards further investments in our aging and deteriorating school facilities. In 2014, the Board of Education approved the creation of the School Upgrade Program (SUP) which provides a framework for funding and developing projects that modernize, build, and upgrade school facilities to improve student health, safety and educational quality. The initial SUP funding allocation was $7.8 billion which consisted primarily of Measure Q. With the passage of Measure RR in November 2020, SUP funding has increased to $15.8 billion, of which $14.0 billion is managed by FSD. This FSD managed funding has been allocated by the Board into several major Categories of Need that include:

    • Major Modernizations, Upgrades & Reconfigurations to School Campuses
    • Critical Replacements & Upgrades of School Building/Site Systems & Components
    • School Cafeteria Upgrades
    • School Upgrades & Reconfigurations to Support Wellness, Health, Athletics, Learning & Efficiency
    • Early Childhood Education Facilities Upgrades & Expansions
    • Adult & Career Education Facilities Upgrades
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan Implementation
    • Charter School Facilities Upgrades & Expansions
    • Board Member Priority and Local District Priority Projects


    Since the inception of the program, FSD has completed over 23,250 school modernization projects that provide upgraded facilities which help improve the learning environment for students. In addition, a tremendous amount of projects are currently underway with over 575 Board approved projects valued at $2.2 billion in the pre-construction phase and another 200+ projects valued at $3.6 billion under construction.

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