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    Student Body Finance Support provides administrative oversight and management of student body financial activities in schools.  This section of the Accounting & Disbursements Division is responsible for the technical supervision and training of Financial Managers and School Administrative Assistants with regard to student body activities in schools.

    California State law allows any group of students within a school to organize a student body association, also known as an Associated Student Body (ASB), for the purposes of conducting activities on behalf of the school’s current students. The ASB must be approved by the Board of Education and be subject to its control and regulation.  As such, the activities of the ASB cannot be in conflict with the Board’s authority and responsibilities and statutes. The Los Angeles Unified School District’s Board of Education has authorized the establishment of ASB’s for all of its schools and delegated the technical supervision and management of student body financial activities to the Student Body Finance Support of the Accounting & Disbursements Division.