• Space Planning

    Space Planning oversees approximately five million square feet of non-academic space throughout the District, working proactively with District offices to review and validate their space requirements. Space Planning manages projects through the implementation process. The District’s inventory of owned space is a prime consideration for each requirement in order to optimize the use of all owned properties and minimize the need for leased space. Space Planning's major functions are described below.

    Space Management

    Prepare intelligent electronic AutoCAD drawings and link them to an existing Computer-Assisted Facilities Management (CAFM) system. CAFM provides a bi-directional, instantaneous and real time, spatial information to our managers, users and customers. This information may be used for tracking occupants, equipment, furniture, site/building/floor/room characteristics, standards, finishes, lease contracts, properties, and more.


    Identify both functional and affordable solutions that integrate space requirements into the District’s long-term objectives. Recommend and review strategies for effective allocation of space within the Beaudry HQ building and other District administrative offices. Provide technical review, support, and quality control. Recommend process improvement and value engineering alternatives that reduce the physical space needs and enhance the department’s productivity.


    Apply the Space Standards developed for the Beaudry HQ building throughout the District. Utilize standards as a tool for managing change and project costs. Educate District staff as to the cost and functional advantages of Space Standards. Review exceptions and process waivers where applicable. Expand and update the Space Standards to meet the ongoing needs of the District.


    Support Facilities Management with alteration and improvement projects by providing programming analysis, stacking and blocking options, space plans and construction drawings, migration strategies, and plans.


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