Visual Impairment Program (VI)

  • The Visually Impaired (VI) program provides services to students ages 3-22 with visual impairments whose vision loss meets the legal standard as either legally blind or partially sighted and negatively impacts their ability to access core curriculum and/or acquire the skills necessary to participate in fundamental life activities.   BPS service delivery options include instruction from an itinerant teacher of the visually impaired (TVI) in the following settings: the general education classroom, the special education classroom, a specially equipped low incidence learning center (LILC) or resource room.  The TVI instructs students with visual impairments in the use of the specialized materials and equipment necessary to access the curriculum including, but not limited to, specialized books, materials, braille and accompanying devices, large type, audio recordings, tactual diagrams and technological aids. Additional support services include Orientation and Mobility, Braille transcription and reader services for the blind.  Teachers of the visually impaired implement the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC) in their instruction to address the student’s unique educational needs to access the same academic or alternative curriculum as their sighted peers.

    Position Paper:

    Blind/Partially Sighted (BPS) - Visual Impairment (VI) - Fall 2016

    Assessment and Eligibility Information:

    REF-5527.0 - Visually Impaired (VI) Program: Referral, Assessment and Scope of Service


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