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  • The Instructional Technology Initiative (ITI) is the office responsible for digital citizenship District-wide.

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  • ITI provides policy, professional learning, and school-site supports to ensure coherent digital citizenship efforts District-wide. Programs are grounded in research and founded on curriculum and practices developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and Common Sense Education (CSE).

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    Teaching digital citizenship has never been more important. Prepare students to stay safe, solve problems, and become a force for good.
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    ITI staff is ready to support policy review, revisions, and development to ensure the integration of digital citizenship concepts and content. Example policies that have been revised or created include:

    • BUL-999.11: Responsible Use Policy
    • BUL-6399.1: Social Media Policy for Students
    • BUL-5688.1: Social Media Policy for Employees and Associated


    In providing system-level supports, ITI staff develops and delivers professional learning opportunities to help school instructional leadership teams effectively embed digital citizenship into their school culture and practices.

    Curriculum and resources leveraged include:

    • School/Educator Digital Citizenship Certification
    • Common Sense Education Curriculum
    • International Society for Technology in Education Standards


    To demonstrate digital citizenship in practice, ITI partners with Common Sense Education to annually celebrate Digital Citizenship Week through a signature event at a L.A. Unified school to raise awareness District-wide.

    ITI has designed and developed Digital Citizenship Week programming for high school, middle school, and elementary school.

#DigCitLA Definition

The practice of cultivating a positive, authentic digital footprint that can be leveraged for college and career success.

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