Role of the Special Education Teacher

    • Instruct students in the development of skills and knowledge that enables them to participate independently to the highest degree possible, based on assessment needs


    • Provide consultation and support services including in-service training to regular & special education teachers, school personnel, and peers concerning Adapted Physical Education needs and appropriate methods of adaptation for the student that will foster maximum independence and safety


    • Works with members of the IEP team (i.e. parents, classroom teachers, speech providers, occupational & physical therapists, orientation & mobility and vision specialists) to provide a functional and meaningful program


    • Create a program geared to the assessed needs, goal & objectives, functional levels and motivational levels of the student


    • Prepare and utilize equipment and materials for the development of skill as it is related to Adapted Physical Education (i.e. beeper balls. sponge balls, batting tees, etc.)


    • Conduct assessment which focuses on both long and short-term needs of the student