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    Focus Access Issues:

    If your Focus access was recently updated, or removed, please go to oneAccess and request the appropriate role again.   If oneAccess still displays a current access role, please revoke/remove that previous role before applying again.   Any HR employee assignment updates on July 1, 2023 or after, resets your access automatically.  

    You will need to apply for access again.  This is a regular security process.

    If you need to review the Focus roles, or if you need more information about access, here is the link for the Focus Access Request Job aid.  

    Any other issues with access go to Request Software Application Technical Support and open a ticket for Focus Reporting and Dashboards.


Frequently Asked Questions

For help with accessing and navigating a report or dashboard, users may contact the ITD Help Desk. For questions about the content of a dashboard, contact the owner (which can be found in the back of the dashboard user manual). 

Download this job aid on how to request help with the application. 

If you cannot sign into Focus using your SSO username and password, please request access using OneAccess. 

Log into https://oneaccess.lausd.net/ and click LAUSD Employees. Then, click Focus Reporting & Dashboards to request access using the Focus Reporting & Dashboards application. 

Note: Your site administrator must provide approval using the Access Approval section. 

Follow-up requests regarding applications that have been submitted can be emailed to focus@lausd.net. 

Unfortunately, you must re-apply for access via https://oneaccess.lausd.net/. This is due to the fact that with a new role, you have a new supervisor and we must obtain approval from that individual for you to receive access to more data. 

Please see the above question, How do I get access to Focus, for instructions on how to submit an application via OneAccess. 

Implementing the new ad hoc reporting tool will improve the experience of generating reports using data found in MiSiS. Some of the major benefits include:

  • Flexibility – Provides more flexibility in ad hoc reporting at LAUSD, now allowing users to create reports at the local district and LAUSD levels if they have access to that data.
  • Self-Service Approach – Eliminates the need to request new reports to be created by IT – users can create and personalize their own reports.
  • Dashboards – Provides dashboards for various types of users (administrators, central office staff, school officials, etc.) consisting of the information those users need to have to succeed.
  • Historical Data – After integrating with MyData, will provide the ability to produce reports on historical student data, so users can look at information on a student’s previous enrollment and course history.
  • Up-to-Date Data – Data will be updated nightly; some data, such as select attendance and scheduling data, will be available in real-time.


Starting December 4, 2017, Focus is available via this URL: https://Focus.LAUSD.net

Focus includes job aids and videos that define the components of Focus and provide instruction on how to use the application’s features. To view job aids or videos within the application, go to the Job Aids and Videos section on the Welcome Page or any Subject Page (Note: job aids and videos on the Subject Pages pertain to the displayed Subject only).

The Basic Ad Hoc Reporting Class, an instructor-led training class, is available for registration in MyPLN. This class provides instruction on how to create and manage reports using Focus Reporting and Dashboards, including how to perform basic calculations and create a basic pivot table.

  • What's New

    Focus Reporting & Dashboards is updated with software fixes and/or enhancements every two weeks on Friday nights. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since November 2016, or view the notes on the application's Welcome Page in What's New

  • July 28, 2023

    Posted by Focus Reporting & Dashboards on 7/28/2023

    Release Notes

    Report Updates

    Seal of Biliteracy Detail report – The report has been modified to reflect the latest eligibility requirements for Seal of Biliteracy Awards for the 2022-2023 school year and beyond; the previous year’s historical data remains the same. The Detailed report’s columns have been adjusted, some columns have been added, omitted, renamed, or their sequence changed. Access the report by clicking on Instruction > MMED > Seal of Biliteracy > Totals hyperlinks.

    New Dashboards

    District Wide Student Checkout Dashboard – The dashboard has been developed to track usable devices checked out to students. The Summary report displays total counts and percentages by locations; the Detail report displays each location’s specific data. To access the dashboard, click on Operations > Connectivity Monitoring > District Wide Student Checkout.

    Elementary and Middle School Biliteracy Dashboard – The dashboard identifies students in elementary and middle schools who qualify or are close to qualifying for a Biliteracy Award. The tiles provide total counts for Band Levels 3 and 4 and total counts that can be summarized by different locations or categories for students in the applicable 5th and 8th grades. Total counts hyperlinks drilldown to School and Student Detail reports. Access the dashboard by clicking on Instruction > MMED > Elementary and Middle School Biliteracy.

    Dashboard Updates

    Parent Portal Campus View Dashboard – The dashboard has been enhanced with the addition of the Term Type prompt. The prompt allows users to select one or more terms from the dropdown list to generate reports from current or previous terms. To acces the dashboard, click on Operations > Parent Portal > Parent Portal Campus View.

    Subject Areas 

    Course Enrollment Subject Area – The subject area is enhanced with the addition of the Master Plan Program Name and Master Plan Program Code columns. Access the columns from the Course Enrollment subject area > Course Sections folder > Course Details subfolder.

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  • April 14, 2023

    Posted by Focus Reporting & Dashboards on 4/14/2023

    Release Notes

    New Reports

    IGP Monitoring Report has been developed to identify students’ current A-G Status and students who have or are missing an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) for the current school year. Access the dashboard by clicking on Summary > Monitoring Reports > Secondary tab > IGP Monitoring Report.

    Report Updates

    Intervention Contacts to Support Attendance and Enrollment Report – The Students with Contact detail report has been updated to include information from the Student Intervention and SHHS Service Summary records. Access the report by clicking on Summary > Monitoring Reports > Intervention Contacts to Support Student Attendance and Enrollment

    Dashboard Updates

    Tutoring Dashboard – The dashboard has been enhanced with the addition of a performance tile and Count reports labeled On-Demand Homework Help. The dashboard can be accessed by clicking on Instruction > Tutoring Programs.

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  • How to request Focus Reporting & Dashboards access via oneAccess CLICK HERE

    New Whole Child Integrated Data Platform Available Now!

    Whole Child Integrated Data is available now for teachers, counselors, out-of-classroom support staff, and principals.

    To log in, go to https://wholechild.lausd.net/.  This new platform provides educators with a complete picture of the whole child by integrating data from various sources of student information.

    Support resources and training information are available on the website:


    Focus (MiSiS Ad hoc users ) URL Bookmarked or Saved to Favorites (403 Forbidden Error)

    Users who have previously bookmarked the Focus (MiSiS Ad hoc) URL might experience a 403 Forbidden Error.  Please delete your current bookmark for Focus, delete your history, close the browser then type focus.lausd.net.  Then bookmark the new URL if needed or save it to favorites.  We encourage users to always go to https://www.lausd.org/focus site first and then login from here.   

    If you have any issues please open a ticket for Focus (MiSiS Ad hoc Helpdesk) at https://lausd-myit.onbmc.com/ux/myitapp/#/catalog/home

    We apologize for this inconvenience.

    About Focus Reporting & Dashboards 

    Available now, Focus Reporting & Dashboards (Focus) is a web-based reporting application that strengthens LAUSD’s reporting capability by integrating major systems used in the District. Focus consists of subject-specific dashboards, canned reports, and an ad hoc reporting capability. In addition to MiSiS, Focus consists of data from other systems used by LAUSD employees, like Welligent, Cafeteria Management System (CMS), and Adult Ed. During the 2018-2019 school year, new data and dashboards will be released periodically. 

    See the most common Frequently Asked Questions below, or go to the FAQs page for more information.