• Function

    The StudentID application assigns a unique Student ID to District students, allowing student data to be shared across systems and school years. Student IDs are created for students enrolled at schools (MiSiS, Welligent, Early Education), as well as for applicants for enrollment (eChoices, etc). StudentID provides an identity service for other student data from District or vendor sources, allowing the data to be matched with the appropriate student. StudentID maintains the minimal student data (demographic, enrollment, contacts, and address) needed for matching purposes; the partner applications provide updates so that these data reflect current values.


    ID Convention

    The Student ID is a 10 character field, composed of 6 digits, 1 letter, and 3 digits. Starting in 2017, the convention changed to a sequential number starting with 2, with the letter X in the 7th position (201234X567). The change in convention reflects privacy concerns, and reduces ID corrections. IDs assigned prior to 2017 remain as-is, and are not converted to the new convention.


    ID Corrections

    Student IDs may be corrected when necessary; the original Student ID is kept on record, along with its replacement Student ID.