Independent Charter Schools

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    The Board of Education for the Los Angeles Unified School District is committed to providing a wide range of schools and programs to meet the diverse educational needs and priorities of all students and families it has the privilege to serve. Charter schools are valuable partners and viable choices among the District’s robust set of educational options. Accordingly, the Board of Education views charter schools as a complementary method of achieving its vision and mission.  LAUSD currently has a total of 222 independent charter schools. 


    The Division of Special Education is committed to serving all students with disabilities including students in charter schools. The Division works closely with the District to ensure that all families have equal access to an education in a charter school and works to ensure charters are serving a variety of students with special needs. In collaboration with and support to the charters, the Division works to and supports development of quality charter school programs and services for students with special needs. The Division has created several options for charter schools to ensure that all students with special needs are served.


    Please review this fact sheet on the Charter Operated Programs within the Division.