Eligibility Criteria

  • Pupils may be eligible for Adapted Physical Education services based on evidence of the following:


    • Significantly reduced performance levels of two or more years or 1 1⁄2 or more standard deviations below the mean as appropriate to the assessment (s) used in two or more of the following areas:
    • Perceptual Motor Function (vision, balance)
    • Object Control (throwing, catching, kicking)
    • Locomotor Achievement (running, jumping)
    • Adapted Behaviors (concept, social)
    • Physical Fitness (agility, strength, endurance)


    • Significantly reduced performance levels due to a severe medical disability or impairment requiring significant modification of activities and precluding safe or successful participation in the general physical education or specially designed physical education program.


    Note that physical disabilities shall not include temporary physical disabilities (California Education Code, Section 56026 (e)). Temporary physical disabilities are those disabilities that are not permanent in nature (i.e., injuries, illness, surgery).