• The collaborative seeks to address achievement disparities between African American students and other subgroups through a comprehensive program that embraces the "whole child" by focusing on the following areas:  

     Instructional Support     College and Career Education Support  Resiliency Support   
    Provide ongoing training (i.e., Springboard, & AP) for teachers to infuse pre-AP and AP strategies across the curriculum, with emphasis in the CORE subjects (ELA, math, science, and social science)
    Address the linguistic challenges of AA/standard English learners through culturally and linguistically responsible teaching practices
    Expand access to a full range of educational resources for AA students (e.g., instructional instructional materials, technology, & classroom libraries) 
    Provide students with exposure to various colleges and careers through college fairs and field trips to local post-secondary institutions 
    Provide ongoing college awareness workshops to inform parents of A-G requirements as well as other information pertinent to the college application process
    Train school personnel o the use of the College Board Suite of Assessments and Khan Academy  
    Implement school-wide Restorative Practices and related systems to ensure an inviting school culture while improving teacher-student relationships
    Collaborate with the District's Parent, Community, and student Services Branch  to implement mentoring programs to increase school engagement of AA students
    Create opportunities to routinely recognize and celebrate the successes of AA students  

Collaborative Objectives

    1. Increase AA student enrollment in AP classes
    2. Increase the number of AA students passing A-G classes with "c" grades or better
    3. Increase the number of AA students passing AP exams with scores of 3 or higher
    4. Increase the number of AA students graduating with their cohort  
    5. Increase AA student connectedness to their schools
    6. Increase AA parents' awareness of the college application process