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  • Charter schools are public schools, but they are unique in that they have been freed from many (but not all) of the laws and regulations that govern traditional public schools as a way to increase student achievement. In California, charter schools are given permission to operate by a school district, a county office of education, or the state department of education.  They generally operate on five-year terms.  If at the end of a five-year term a charter school is determined to be successful, it can apply for another five-year term, and so on.  If it has not been successful, the authorizing district or department of education can choose not to grant another term, and the school will have to close.  This system creates a powerful incentive for charter schools to get better and better over time if they plan to stay open.
    The purpose of this webpage is to provide resources to LAUSD parents so they can:
    1. Understand the relationship between charter schools and LAUSD;
    2. Be informed when they consider choosing a charter school;
    3. Know their students' rights at a charter school.


    Charter Schools are public schools that are open to all interested students.  Charter Schools are an enrollment option for students with disabilities. 
    Parent Volunteering
    Charter public schools are prohibited from requiring a parent or guardian to perform volunteer service as a condition of his/her child's admission, continued enrollment, and/or participation in the school's educational activities, or otherwise discriminating against a student because his/her parent cannot, has not, or will not provide voluntary service to the school.  Please review the following letters for further information:

    Parent Volunteering Ltr - English 


    Parent Volunteering Ltr - Spanish (En Espanol) 



    If you have concerns regarding the enrollment or admissions practices at a charter school, please call us at (213) 241-0399.


    Affiliated Charter Schools

    Please contact the LAUSD Region where the charter school is located:

    Independent Charter Schools
    Please contact your charter school principal, director, executive director or attend a Board meeting where you can voice public comment.
    Parents should first review the school's conflict resolution process or due process (located in parent handbook and/or the charter petition).  Each charter school’s has their own parent handbook, petition and their Board schedule is different. 
    You will need to check with the school where your child is attending or its website. 
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