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    LAUSD Virtual Academy: Pathway to the Future


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    Pathways to the Future

     For students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP),
    please contact your current school to schedule an IEP team meeting.


    LAUSD Virtual Academy Schools

    Los Angeles Unified has paved a new path for TK-12 online learning. By creating six new thematic online Virtual Academy Schools based on college and career pathways, families have a variety of quality online school options that match their interests and meet their needs.

  • Program Highlights

Instructional Time

In the morning, students will join their teachers in the virtual classroom where they will have an opportunity to engage in learning from a standards-based online curriculum.

Teacher Support

At the elementary level, individual teachers will provide support for all subject matters. At the secondary level, Personalized Learning Teams (PLTs) of teachers will form a system of support and work closely with students.


Students will collaborate with classmates on interactive, real-world projects and activities aligned to the school’s theme.

Guided Academic Pathways

Each pathway will offer students substantive exposure to career opportunities through clubs, virtual field trips, career speakers, and activities and culminating projects appropriate to age levels.

Individualized Learning

In the afternoons, students will work independently to complete individual assignments from six different course subjects.


Partnerships will provide materials and resources to students, guidance on project development, mentoring support, and professional development and training for teachers and administrators.