Helpful Tips
    • Utilize Control Sheets to keep track of expenditures.
    • Reconcile and approve P-Card, Toshiba Ghost Card and other credit card transactions regularly.
    • Reconcile Imprest Accounts monthly.
    • Always verify that sufficient funds  are available in the appropriate funding line(s) before committing to a purchase.
    • Input receivers after goods and services are delivered.
  • Local District Northwest
    School Fiscal Services

  • Our Mission 
    School Fiscal Services Division will provide quality fiscal and business services to schools to allow the school site administrators to focus on the instructional program. 
  •  Contact Information
                Robin Foster, Fiscal Services Manager
                (818) 654-3710
             Sandra Edstrom, Budget Technician
             (818) 654-3711
          Ana Diego, Fiscal Specialist
             Christine Esto, Fiscal Specialist
             Connie Carandang, Fiscal Specialist
             Michael Devera, Fiscal Specialist
             Rose Rosas, Fiscal Specialist
             Sue Shu, Fiscal Specialist