• Mental Health Consultation and Social Work Services

    Program Description

    Mental Health Consultant Psychiatric Social Workers (MHC PSWs) are highly trained clinical social workers assigned to support schools by Region to provide a continuum of mental health and school social work services. Services are grounded in culturally responsive practices to promote critical wellness and social-emotional well-being.

    Program Services

    MHC PSWs collaborate with various District partners to support the implementation of multi-tiered mental health social work services in schools. MHC PSWs primary scope of work includes:

    • Mental Health Consultation - Address academic barriers by providing mental health consultation to employees, parents/caregivers, and students with the intent of reducing risk factors and improving social emotional well-being.
    • Training and Professional Development - Provide mental health and wellness education, training, and access to related resources to employees, parents/caregivers, and students. Topics include trauma informed schools, self-care and wellness, Psychological First Aid (PFA), suicide prevention, and threat assessment and management.
    • Crisis Counseling and Support - Provide counseling and education to school communities in the aftermath of a critical incident and assist with the stabilization of the school community.
    • Student Safety and Wellness - Support Region implementation of  Student Health and Human Services (SHHS) led initiatives in schools, such as iATTEND and Safety Collaboratives.