• Early Education Mental Health Programs: Trauma and Resilience Informed Early Enrichment (TRiEE) Program

    Program Description

    The Trauma and Resilience informed Early Enrichment (TRiEE) Program is a trauma-informed mental health prevention initiative and unique adaptation of the Community Schools Model for Early Education Centers (EECs). TRiEE is dedicated to building adult capacity to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors for children, staff, and families. The TRiEE Program is an innovative approach that features the integration of 20 trained School Mental Health (SMH) Psychiatric Social Workers (PSWs) in select EECs to strengthen schools’ capacity to provide holistic, family-centered, and trauma-informed services to support healthy social emotional learning and school readiness. 

    Program Services

    • Provide mental health consultation to parents, caregivers, and EEC staff tailored to the developmental needs of
      children ages 0-5.
    • Collaborate with parents, caregivers, teachers, and EEC administrators to support the physical and social emotional development of young children.
    • Support teachers with integrating and implementing Social Emotional Learning curricula in classrooms.
    • Provide culturally appropriate, trauma and resilience-informed professional development, parent workshops, and training.
    • Facilitate culturally appropriate, trauma and resilience-informed parent workshops that support family engagement and education.
    • Link students and families to resources within the community, including but not limited to food, housing, mental health, etc.
    • Organize Community Resource Fairs and Tabling Events.
    • Staff the Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Line Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.



    Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Line - Flyer

    Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation Line - Handout

    TRiEE Location Flyer

    TRiEE Location - Flyer







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