• Crisis Counseling and Intervention Services

    Program Description

    Crisis Counseling and Intervention Services (CCIS) is dedicated to restoring and maintaining safe, healthy, and nurturing learning environments for students and staff in the aftermath of critical incidents impacting schools and school communities. Comprised of Psychiatric Social Workers (PSWs) and Mental Health Practitioners (MHPs), CCIS provides resilience and trauma informed supportive services to all Los Angeles Unified stakeholders – students, staff, and parents and caregivers.  CCIS plays an essential role in the development of District policies aimed at culturally responsive crisis response and intervention, suicide prevention, and threat management. CCIS staff provides capacity building training and consultation to promote prevention strategies, mitigate risk, and reduce the impact of crises in schools and communities.

    Program Services

    • Culturally responsive mental health consultation and support via the Student and Family Wellness Hotline
    • Policy development and implementation related to crisis response, suicide prevention, and threat management
    • Professional development and psychoeducation for students, staff, and parents and caregivers
    • Crisis intervention and support to multidisciplinary crisis teams in schools, Regions, and the District
    • Partnership with the Los Angeles School Police Department to provide compassionate field intervention, triage, and appropriate linkages and services to students and staff experiencing a mental health crisis
    • Culturally responsive support and case management for students who engage in high-risk behaviors with homicidal and suicidal ideation
    • Collaboration with school, District, community agencies, and city and county partners to maintain safety, mitigate the risk for violence, manage threats of violence, and promote community safety



  • CCIS Central Staff Directory 23-24

  • Case Management Team (CMT)

  • Central CCIS & Student and Family Wellness Hotline

  • Charter Operated Programs (COP)

  • Mental Health Evaluation Team (MHET)