• Practicum Education Program

    Program Description

    School Mental Health (SMH) has established long-standing partnerships with 7 accredited universities that have allowed us to offer more than 40 years of Practicum Education. Interns are matched with SMH Practicum Instructors who are core to the Practicum Education Program. Psychiatric Social Workers (PSWs) who request to supervise interns require approval from their direct SMH administrator and school-site administrator on an annual basis. PSWs selected to supervise interns must be highly qualified, committed to the values and ethics of the profession, and possess a genuine interest in social work best practices. The Practicum Education Program is supported by an SMH administrator, Tanya Ward, and program lead, Aviana Garcia, who oversee the operational efforts of the program and serve as the liaison for university partners. As LAUSD has over 1,300 schools located all over the county of LA, internship placements are available throughout the greater Los Angeles area. SMH functions as 1 agency with 2 placement options: School-Based or Wellness. We welcome 2nd year, 1st year, BSW, PPSC, Non-PPSC, DMH Stipend and Advanced Standing Students for an in-person internship. We seek to hire qualified candidates who participate in our internship program, and we have created a pipeline from SMH internship to employment as a PSW.


    Program Services

    SMH school-based interns support PSWs who are assigned to K-12 schools. Our PSWs provide interns a variety of learning experiences on a micro, mezzo and macro level. Additionally, SMH Wellness Interns provide prevention, early intervention, and intensive mental health services to children and their families through LAUSD Clinics & Wellness Centers. School site or Wellness placement will determine intervention needs. Some examples of intern interventions include: classroom presentations & school-wide campaigns, positive behavior intervention support, small groups, parent workshops, assessment, individual treatment and case management. We provide a robust training program to all interns in the fall and spring semesters, including training in at least 3 evidence-based practices (EBPs). Interns are an integral part of the SMH department and have a wide reach in engaging LAUSD students. In the 2022-2023 school year alone, SMH interns provided service to at least 1,161 individual students and served 3,420 hours at LAUSD schools and wellness centers. SMH greatly values the positive impact and contributions of our interns every year. 




    Intern with SMH 24-25 Flyer

    Intern with SMH 24-25 Flyer

    SMH & DOE Stipend Announcement 24-25

    SMH & DOE Stipend
    Announcement 24-25