• Crisis Counseling & Support Psychiatric Social Workers (PSWs) 

    Program Description

    The Crisis Counseling and Support (CC&S) team is comprised of highly experienced Psychiatric Social Workers (PSWs) that are pivotal in providing School Mental Health (SMH) employees with essential onboarding and professional development  to ensure that LAUSD students and families are provided with the highest quality of social work and mental health services. 

    CC&S PSWs provide ongoing competency-based, and relevant professional learning and training utilizing differentiated learning modules, evidenced-based practices, and community defined practices. They provide robust, comprehensive and supportive learning experiences for PSWs to further enhance their abilities to provide multi-tiered, inclusive, and welcoming school environments. Through professional development efforts and clinical supervision, CC&S PSWs play a critical role in the retention of qualified and skilled PSW employees. They elevate and build capacity of staff on various practices and modalities while promoting practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion. They support and develop systems reflective of SMH’s mission and program goals. They assess, reflect, and refine practices based on program data and staff input. CC&S PSWs elevate and enhance job related skills and promote opportunities for professional growth and development. 
    Program Services

    • Training and Ongoing Support for the following SMH Programs
      • School-Based Social Work and Mental Health Program 
      • Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP) PSW Program
      • Comprehensive Coordinated Early Intervention (CCEIS) PSW Program
    • Clinical Supervision
    • Welligent Quality Assurance (QA) 
    • LCSW Consultation Support 
    • Hiring, Recruitment, and Retention efforts 
    • Post-PPSC Supervision
    • Special Projects (e.g., grants, continuing education units, etc.)
    • Region Support
    • Practicum Education Program
    • Crisis Response and Support
    • SMH and SHHS Support and Collaboration
    • Credentialing Support