SHHS Wellness Programs

  • Positive Attendance and Building Resiliency


    LAUSD affirms the importance of teaching students to be mentally healthy while creating and maintaining a school environment that promotes positive attendance behaviors to increase academic achievement. LAUSD recognizes the connection between academic achievement and student wellness. In addition, the District believes that a high school diploma will provide students the opportunity to become productive and contributing members of society. Parents and guardians are the primary educators of their children and ultimately responsible for their child’s well-being, including their attendance at school. LAUSD shares in these important child-rearing responsibilities and LAUSD staff are uniquely qualified to assist children in learning the necessary skills needed to navigate the complex world in which they live. Every student faces distinct situations and challenges which may result in personal trauma and lead to behaviors that negatively impact functioning. It is possible to build resilience to negative experiences so that students can more easily “bounce back” from a traumatic situation. Students and parents/guardians can also be supported and taught positive behaviors to ensure daily attendance. School staff can create environments that motivate students in wanting to come to school every day and that provide opportunities to build resiliency.

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  • Videos

    Back to School Rules The Importance of Attendance
    Back to School Rules! The Importance of Attendance
    Yoga Ed. You Tube Channel
    Mindful Moments for Kids and Teens
    Trauma-Sensitive Yoga for Kids and Teens Mindful Moments for Kids and Teens
    GoNoodle Rainbow Breathing Exercise Breath and Relax
    GoNoodle Rainbow Breathing Exercise Breath and Relax

    Belly Breathing


    Belly Breathing


    2 min Breathe Bubble_Breathe Exercises  

    Square Breathing 

    2 Minute Bubble Breathe Exercise Square Breathing for Calm and Focus
    Cooling Out Breath Meditation Kids Meditation Imaginary Hugs
    Meditation - Cooling Out Breath Meditation - Imaginary Hugs & Peaceful Place
    Meditation - Counting Breath Kids Meditation for Calming
    Meditation - Counting Breath Meditation - Calming

    Common Sense Media: Friendship & Boundaries

    Common Sense Media-The Pressure to Stay Connected

    Friendships & Boundaries

    The Pressure To Stay Connected

    Bring it Down 

    What Is Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness - Bring it Down  What is Mindfulness? 

    What Is Mindfulness?  

    Your Amazing Brain  

    Finding Your Yeti Body

    Your Amazing Brain

     Thematic Virtual Rooms

    Meditation Musi
    Thematic Virtual Calming Rooms Meditation Music 
     Your Amazing Brain Get Your Mind Ready with Mind Yeti  
    Hello Body: Listen Get Your Mind Ready with Yeti

    Allieviate Stress (Teens)

    Slow Breathing Pt 2: Listen  
    Alleviate Anxiety and Stress The New Kid: Listen 
     Hello HubBubbles: Listen Hello Body: Listen  
    Hello Breath: Listen
    Hello HubbBubbles: Listen
    Hello Gratitude: Listen The Kid and The Hat: Listen
    Slow Breathing Part 1: Listen Slow Breathing Part 2: Listen
    Hello Breath: Listen Hello Feet: Listen
    Hello Gratitude: Listen
    The Kid and the Hat: Listen
    The Tree in the City: Listen One Sound: Listen
    One Sound: Listen
    Sound Change: Listen
     The New Kid: Listen Get Your Mind Ready with Mind Yeti
     The Tree in The City: Listen Thank You Nature: Listen


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