• Pupil Services and Attendance (PSA) Counselor Application Process

  • Pupil Services & Attendance Counselors (PSA) are child welfare and attendance advocates who utilize a three-tiered model (prevention, early intervention, and intensive intervention) to improve individual and system-wide student attendance, engagement, achievement, and graduation.

    Pupil Services & Attendance Counselors (PSA) are child welfare and attendance advocates who work directly with students who experience difficulties in achieving their academic potential due to social/emotional, home and community barriers. PSA Counselors support students' academic, social-emotional, and career development by improving student attendance.

    Our mission is to ensure that all LAUSD students are enrolled, attending, engaged, & on track to graduate.

  • Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP) PSA

  • All of the foundational components are the same between BSAP PSA and general PSA (i.e. Salary Schedule, Benefits, Job Duties/Responsibilities for class code 0543).


    The areas where there are slight differences would include the job description and application process. Please see link here: BSAP PSA Job Flyer


    Job Description-Inclusive of the class code 0543 outline, the BSAP PSA description also includes the following description: The Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP) PSA Counselors will provide child welfare and attendance supports, working with students participating in BSAP and families to address social/emotional, home, and community barriers and support students participating in BSAP with achieving their academic potential. BSAP PSA Counselors leverage a strengths-based, identity affirming approach to ensure that the educational goals and needs of students participating in BSAP within the assigned region/program/school are met. Positions may require an adjusted work schedule according to program needs. These positions are subject to review for renewal on an annual basis.

    Application Process-In addition to the general PSA application process application through https://teachinla.co/applynow, the BSAP PSA application process requires a 2nd interview which addresses culturally responsive intervention and strategies.