• How do I set up or change my LAUSD user/email account?

    You can activate a user account, change or reset your password, or change the way your information is stored in the District's global address book by visiting our Single Sign-on page.

    Click here for detailed guidance on activating your account

    Click here for help resetting your password

    Note: if you need assistance with this process, please contact the IT HelpDesk

    If you are trying to change the way your name is displayed on email messages, this is usually done using the tool (client) you use to send and receive email (for example, Outlook, Mac Mail Entourage, Eudora, etc.). Browse the IT Help Document Library for additional guidance on setting up and maintaining your LAUSD email account using popular tools.

    Accessing My Email on Outlook

    Using Outlook to access your LAUSD Exchange email account is generally fairly easy to do. The steps to take may vary depending on the version of Outlook you use. Below are steps to set up your account using Outlook 2007 on a Windows 7 platform:

    1. Open Outlook.
    2. Click on the Tools menu.
    3. Select Account Settings.
    4. On the Email tab, click on New... to add an account.
    5. Type your name as you would like it to appear on email messages you send to people, then type your LAUSD email address in full, your account password and then type your password again to verify.
    6. Assuming all information is correct, Outlook will return a screen that says Congratulations! Your e-mail account is successfully configured to use Microsoft Exchange.
    7. Select Finish to complete the process. You will notice Outlook start to download data from your account. Depending on how many email messages, calendar, and address book items you have on the Exchange server, it may take a while to synchronize everything.

    If anything goes wrong with this process or if you need additional help, contact the IT HelpDesk

    Click here for guidance on using other versions of Microsoft Outlook


    What if I'm a Mac User?

    To set up Outlook for Mac 2011, follow these steps:
    1. Open Outlook for Mac 2011. On the Tools menu, click Accounts. If this is the first account you're creating in Outlook 2011, under Add an Account, click Exchange Account. 

    2. If you've previously created an e-mail account for a different e-mail address, in the lower-left corner of the Accounts dialog box, click +, and then click Exchange.
    3. On the Enter your Exchange account information page, type your e-mail address (i.e., Joe.Smith@lausd.net).
    4. Under Authentication, make sure User Name and Password is selected.
    5. In User name, type your complete e-mail address (i.e., Joe.Smith@lausd.net).
    6. Make sure Configure Automatically is selected, and then click Add Account.
    7. After you click Add Account, Outlook will perform an online search to find your e-mail server settings. In the dialog box that asks you if you want to allow the server to configure your settings, select the Always use my response for this server check box, and then click Allow.

    8. If Outlook is able to set up your account, you'll see the account you set up in the left pane of the Accounts dialog box. Close the Accounts dialog box.

    If anything goes wrong with this process or if you need additional help, contact the IT HelpDesk

    It's important to note that the IT division is in the process of migrating email accounts to newer email servers as a cost savings measure and in preparation to move employee email accounts to a cloud-based system. Please note that older versions of Microsoft email programs such as Entourage 2004 and 2008 will not work correctly once this happens. If you are a Mac user, and your account is moved, there are a couple of options available to you:

    Download the latest version of Microsoft Office for Mac, which includes Outlook 2011 for Mac. Your LAUSD account will work with Outlook 2011 once it's been moved to a new server. The District has an enterprise license agreement with Microsoft that allows schools and offices to purchase Office upgrades for low prices for the home or workplace.

    Mac users can continue to view their LAUSD email using the web mail tool (http://mail.lausd.net) before and after this change with no problem.

    We are doing our best to notify Mac users ahead of time when their accounts are being moved to a new server. If you have questions about this, please let us know.

    Guidance on getting LAUSD email on iPads, iPhones, and other Apple devices


    What is the difference between POP, IMAP, and Exchange?

    POP (which stands for Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (which stands for Internet Message Access Protocol) are two different methods for retrieving email from an email server and loading it onto a local application (known as an email client, either on a mobile device or computer). Whereas IMPA is a two-way interaction system that causes changes made on one devices to 'synchronize' with a central server so that the changes are reflected on other devices or the web (for example, if you read a message on your phone and later check it online in a web browser, you will see the message already marked as read); POP actually causes a message to be removed completely from a server so wherever it is downloaded is now the only place it is stored.

    Sound confusing? Here is all you need to know. Whenever setting up a device or your computer to access your LAUSD email, always select the option that says Microsoft Exchange if available. This will allow you to configure your client easily so that whatever happens on the device is synchronized with the server so it is reflected everywhere you check email (or access your calendar or contacts) and is always up to date. If your device does not have a Microsoft Exchange option, then we recommend configuring your client to use IMAP so that it is a two-way process. We DO NOT recommend using POP to access your District email, as you run the risk of having emails downloaded to a single place where they can be accidentally lost or deleted.

    Some basic tips

    If you are trying to configure a device or an application to access your LAUSD email, the following data should be used in case you are asked for it:

    Domain = blank

    Server = mailbox.lausd.net

    Incoming/outgoing server = both should be mailbox.lausd.net

    Login/ID/username = your LAUSD email address

    For individual assistance with setting up email, or to get help with problems, contact the IT HelpDesk