• Managing your NON-LAUSD Employee (Contractor) Account

    A. General Information
    B. Frequently Asked Questions
    C. Update Information and/or Change your NON-LAUSD Employee Password

    Update Information and/or Change your NON-LAUSD Employee Password

    1. Please open the Single Sign-On landing page:http://MyLogin.lausd.net or http://sso.lausd.net
    2. Select your role “Contractor, Community Members, Charter School Employees”.
    3. Select “Change your current password, or review and update information about yourself”.
    4. Type your SSO Username + @lausd.net such as cp-name.lastname@lausd.net.
    5. Click Login.
    6. Edit your personal information. This is meaningful for accounts with LAUSD e-mail. You may update your work location & phone number. When saved successfully, please allow up to 24 hours to see these changes in the Global Address Book.

      Note: If your changes are not reflected after 24 hours, please create a ticket for IT Help Desk using My IT:

      https://lausd-myit.onbmc.com (login with your SSO Username + @lausd.net such as cp-name.lastname@lausd.net)
      • "Request Software Application Technical Support".
      • "Microsoft - Office".
      • "Incorrect/Missing Data".
      • "Please provide detailed explanation".
      • "Please select Operating System".
      • "Please select alternate phone number and when available".
      • "Submit Request".

    7. To change your password, click Change Password.
    8. Enter current password.
    9. Enter a new password. The password must meet the new password requirements and will be measured by the password strength meter.
    10. Confirm new password. To submit a desired password successfully, the password strength meter must measure your password as “fair” or better. A “weak” password will not enable the “submit” button.

      For problems with this procedure, please contact the IT Help Desk at 213-241-5200