How to Spot an E-mail Scam

     Phishing is an attempt by an attacker to get a user to do something via e-mail. They may attempt to get the user to click a link or open a file. Phishing is a form of attack that primarily preys on peoples trust and emotional responses. Phishing is incredibly effective, it accounts for 43% of all ways that organizations are breached. Please see the infographic below in order to identify phishing scams.






    How to Report Junk/Phishing E-mail Microsoft


    Microsoft Outlook On The Web


    1. Select the suspected E-mail
    2. Select the button “Junk”
    3. Select the appropriate button “Report as Junk” or “Report as Phishing” 




    Microsoft Outlook Client



    1. Select the suspected E-mail
    2.Select the button “Report Message”
    3. Select the appropriate button  "Junk” or “Phishing”
    4. NOTE: If you do not see the "Report Message" option in the menu, contact helpdesk to schedule install.




     Please contact IT Helpdesk for help with installation instructions for Microsoft Junk E-mail Reporting Add-on for Microsoft Outlook Client.

    Phone : (213) 241-5200

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