• Getting Email on a Mac/Apple Computer or Device 

    Most applications on a MacIntosh computer or Apple device (i.e., iPad or iPhone) make accessing your LAUSD Exchange account fairly simple.


    On a MacIntosh computer

    Using Mac Mail to access your email, just follow these steps:

    1. Open Mac Mail
    2. Select Preferences from the File menu.
    3. Select Accounts.
    4. Click on the little PLUS (+) sign in the bottom left corner to add an account.
    5. Enter your name as you want it to be displayed, type in your LAUSD email address, and password. Click Continue.
    6. Where it says Account Type, select Exchange
    7. For Mail Server enter mailbox.lausd.net. Your user name and password should already be filled in.
    8. Select continue, and your account should be ready to create. Select Create, and Mac Mail should do the rest.

    Using Entourage to access your email...

    1. Select Accounts from the Tools menu.
    2. Where it says Account Type select Exchange.
    3. Naming your account is optional (e.g., "My LAUSD Account").
    4. Where it says Person Information enter your name is you would like it to appear and yoru LAUSD email address.
    5. Where it says Authentication, make sure Use My Account Information is selected and enter your LAUSD ID (complete email address john.doe@lausd.net ), mailbox.lausd.net where it says server, and your password. We recommend checking the Save Password in Keychain option unless you share your compture with others whom you don't trust.
    6. Where it says Server information eneter mail2.lausd.net as the Exchange server.
    7. Select OK, and your account should be created. Entourage will begine to sync with yoru Exchange account.

    On an iPhone or iPad

    1. Go to Settings (the little gray icon with gears on it).
    2. Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the list on the left.
    3. Select Add Account... Under Accounts.
    4. Select Microsoft Exchange Account.
    5. A window will pop up. Put you District email address where it says email. Skip the space that says 'domain.' Put the first part of the email address (your email address with the @lausd.net) where it says username. Put your password where it says password.
    6. Select Next. Enter the server name: mailbox.lausd.net
    7. Select Next. The iPad should now find your account and begin downloading your data for your exchange account, enabling you to use your District email on your iPad.

    Click here for general guidance on setting up LAUSD email accounts

    If you have any trouble or require individual technical support, please contact the IT HelpDesk.