• Viewing a Pay Stub and Other Payroll Information Online

    Users can view payroll information including access to all their pay stubs, time reported, tax documents such as W2 and W4 forms online from any PC. Simply go to:


    When prompted, log in using your LAUSD single sign-on (SSO) account.

    What if I am a Mac or mobile device user?

    Currently, the District's software is not supported on Mac or mobile device platforms. We are in the process of expanding availability to these platforms. Meanwhile, Mac users can access the tool on most popular web browsers by downloading a tool called Cirtix, which acts as a portal to a PC environment, where the online tool will work normally.

    The Citrix tool works well on most browsers, though some users have reported problems using Google Chrome. We recommend using either Safari or FireFox for Mac.


    If you need technical support in accessing your payroll information online, please contact the IT HelpDesk.