• Getting Email on a Smartphone or Mobile Device

    Many modern phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are equipped to set up access to a Microsoft Exchange account (the system the District uses) fairly easily using a wizard that will guide you through the steps. Go to the settings area on your device and add an account, and see if setting up an Exchange account is an option. If so, then accessing your District email should be a snap. Just enter your account information, and the device will usually take care of the rest.

    If you need additional help setting up your device, then there are a couple of things you need to know. If you need assistance configuring a District-issued phone, then you can contact Verizon for technical support, as Verizon is the District's only mobile phone carrier and we have technical support included in our master agreement with them.

    Call Verizon at 800 922-0204 24 hours a day/seven days a week.

    The District's IT HelpDesk does not have the capacity to provide technical support for non-District-issued phones. Contact your personal provider for direct support with configuring your device to access LAUSD email. All you will generally need is the name of our mail servers and domain in case they ask; you can obtain these by clicking the link below:

    Click here for general guidance on setting up LAUSD email accounts