• General Information

    On November 2nd 2018, the District is implementing changes to the Single Sign-On (SSO) system that will:

    1. Make it easier for users to remember their passwords.
    2. Reduce the need to seek assistance to access District accounts.
    3. Improve the District's resiliency to information security breaches.


     All employees and non-employees (excluding students) will now be required to create stronger passwords. Passwords must receive a strength rating of at least “Fair” before being accepted. Users are encouraged to use the password strength meter at https://mylogin.lausd.net to test passwords for compliance with District policy.

     The following table lists the colors associated with various strength levels.

     Password Table with various strength

     A passphrase is recommended when selecting a strong password. Passphrases can be created by picking a phrase and replacing some of the characters with other characters and capitalizations. For example, the phrase “Are you talking to me?!” can become “RUTALk1ng2me!!”.