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  • The Goods & General Services departments provide procurement processing and support to schools and administrative offices. We ensure that sites receive quality products while complying with relevant laws and policies, and utilizing collective purchasing power and competition to increase cost savings.

    Centralized purchasing streamlines the procurement process, while saving schools and offices valuable time and resources. This approach enables better control and coordination of purchases, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency.

    Learn more about the recent changes in Procurement Processes here:

    MEM-140108-FY 23-24 Changes in Procurement Processes

  • Regional Buying Teams

Shopping Cart Support


Celia Morales, Inventory Control Analyst

(562) 654-9467


Regional Buyer

James Morton Jr., Buyer

(562) 654-9380


Shopping Cart Support


Janice King, Inventory Control Analyst

(562) 654-9449


Regional Buyer

Vanessa Ortiz, Buyer


Shopping Cart Support


Dijon Harris, Inventory Control Analyst

(562) 654-9444


Regional Buyer

Heather Anderson, Buyer

(562) 654-9304



Shopping Cart Support


Noemy Berganza, Inventory Control Analyst

(562) 654-9447


Regional Buyer

Stephen Vice, Buyer

(562) 654-9488


  • Goods & General Services Departments

  • Stock Procurement

    • Food Services
      • Food Services Buying Team
      • Food Order Support Team
    • General Stores
      • Inventory Management Team
      • Stores Buying Team


    Non-Stock Procurement

    • Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Buying Team
    • Central Office Buying Team
    • Regional Buying Teams
      • Shopping Cart Support
      • Regional Buyers