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Please visit Procurement Forms to obtain documents necessary for your purchase or transaction.

See the Procurement Manual for Procurement policies and guidelines.

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  • Master Agreements for Goods (Commodities), General and Professional Services

    Various Master Agreements have been established for Goods (Commodities), General and Professional Services. These contracts are awarded through a Request for Proposals (RFP) or Invitation for Bids (IFB) process. When multiple contracts have been awarded for a particular service, a "bench" is created. Bench Contracts provide the District with greater flexibility and provide schools and offices with an efficient way to procure the services they need. The contracts are utilized in support of schools and offices District-wide. Procurement has negotiated the terms, conditions, and pricing so that you do not have to.  

  • Professional Services Contracts

    Various Master Agreements have been established for Professional Services.  Click on the service below to review vendors' scope of services and fee schedules to determine if the services offered will fulfill your requirement.  Include the applicable contract number in your shopping cart request. 

The Regents of the University of California on Behalf of the Los Angeles Campus 
(Vendor #: 1000001732)

Unite-LA (Vendor #: 1000000705)

University of California Office of the President (Transcript Evaluation Services) (Vendor #: 1000016481)

USC Center for Enrollment Research, Policy and Practice (CERPP) (Vendor #: 1000001684)

Uptown Studios (Vendor #: 1000012050)

Always Be Learning (Vendor #: 1000018808)

Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) (Vendor #: 1000004285)

Uprooted Academy (Vendor #: 1000022983)

Strivven Media, LLC (Vendor #: 1000012254)

SchooLinks (Vendor #: 1000014243)

National Education Equity Lab (Vendor #: 1000022677)

Various Companies

After School Interscholastic Sports Academy (Vendor #: 1000013099) 

Anda's Wellness (Vendor #: 1000010852)

Bear Hug Therapy (Vendor #: 1000020994)

Boys and Girls Club – Carson (Vendor #: 1000001715)

Convenient Fun Fitness (Vendor #: 1000026035) 

Elevo/Coast 2 Coast Coaching (Vendor #: 1000012170)

Got Game Sports (Vendor #: 1000009441)

Harmony Project (Vendor #: 1000002940) 

Kids 4 College (Vendor #: 1000012343)

KidTech (Vendor #: 1000022671)

Playworks Education Energized (Vendor #: 1000006210) 

Providence Little Company of Mary Foundation (Vendor #: 1000009292)  

Woodcraft Rangers (Vendor #: 1000005603) 

YMCA – LA (Vendor #: 1000014492)

Ballroom Madness (Vendor #: 1000011174)

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre - Arts Bench (Vendor #: 1000012130)

Dance And Dialogue (Vendor #: 1000012343)

Joseph Abbate (Vendor #: 1000012294)

Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers (Vendor #: 1000005129)

San Pedro City Ballet (Vendor #: 1000002134)

The Gabriella Foundation (Vendor #: 1000014951)

Universoul Hip Hop (Vendor #: 1000010130)

Fostering Dreams (Vendor #: 1000018353)

Invertigo Dance (Vendor #: 1000020598)

Versa-Style Dance (Vendor #: 1000012175)

Inner-City Arts (Vendor #: 1000004972)

City Year, Inc. (Vendor #: 1000005741)

Communities in Schools Los Angeles (CISLA) (Vendor #: 1000003399)

Various Companies

Angels Gate Cultural Center (Vendor #: 1000011133)

Grand Vision Foundation (Vendor #: 1000009771)

Guitars in The Classroom (Vendor #: 1000010475)

Los Angeles Master Chorale (Vendor #: 1000007802)

The Music Center (Vendor #: 1000005292)

Southland Sings (Vendor #: 1000006590)

Symphonic Jazz Orchestra (Vendor #: 1000011171)

Young Producers Group, Inc. (Vendor #: 1000010775)

Los Angeles Opera Company (Vendor #: 1000002634)

Guild Opera (Vendor #: 1000018554)

ETM-LA (Vendor #: 1000002813)

Lead Guitar (Vendor #: 1000017886)

PS Arts (Vendor #: 1000001173)

2Sigma School Inc. (Vendor #: 1000023614) 

Accelerate Education (Vendor #: 1000022456)

Get Lit - Words Ignite, Inc. (Vendor #:  1000007346) 

Imagine Learning LLC (Vendor #: 1000022753)          

Subject Technologies, Inc. (Vendor #: 1000022006)

Pictures with Class (Vendor # 1000010529)

Ultimate Exposure (Vendor # 1000009746)

American Education Solutions, Inc. (Vendor #: 1000000216)

American Institutes for Research (Vendor #: 1000013156)

Child Trends (Vendor #: 1000013159)

Claremont Graduate University (Vendor #: 1000007173)

CoBro Consulting (Vendor #: 1000006669)

22nd Century Technologies, Inc. (Vendor #: 1000019885)

AgreeYa Solutions, Inc. (Vendor #: 1000016673)

California Creative Solutions dba CCS Global Tech (Vendor #: 10000172136)

Digital Archiving Systems, LLC (Vendor #: 1000000820)

E.K. Technologies DBA E.K. Associates (Vendor #: 1000011145)

Genesis Global Recruiting (Vendor #: 1000021902)

Jada Systems, Inc. (Vendor #: 1000013045)

Phoenix Business Consulting (Vendor #: 1000003431)

SDI Presence LLC (Vendor #: 1000021307)

Stand 8 (Vendor #: 1000019311)

The Little Group Ltd, Co. DBA Exclusive Network Enterprises (Vendor #: 1000021921)

Trinus Corporation (Vendor #: 1000010591)

Wellington Enterprises dba GDI Information Technology (Vendor #: 1000015688)

24th Street Theatre (Vendor #: 1000003541)

Enrichment Works (Vendor #: 1000011173)

Foundation for New American Musicals (Vendor #: 1000011970)

The Actor's Gang (Vendor #: 1000000960)

The Unusual Suspects (Vendor #: 1000011965)

Theatre of Hearts, Inc. (Vendor #: 1000008680)

Lee Strasberg (Vendor #: 1000020318)

Geffen Playhouse (Vendor #: 1000010058)

Young Storytellers (Vendor #: 1000000613)

Theater Works (Vendor #: 1000007911)

Better Youth, Inc. (Vendor #: 1000013451)

Social and Public Art Resource Cent (Vendor #: 1000011197)

Institute Of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (Vendor #: 1000013244)

Artworx LA (Vendor #: 1000014598)

Herff Jones (Vendor # 1000004801)

Pictures with Class (Vendor # 1000010529)

Treering (Vendor # 1000011313)

Ultimate Exposure (Vendor # 1000009746)

Walsworth (Vendor # 1000010720)

  • Partners for Student Success (PFSS) Bench

    These community-based organizations and vendors may be contracted by school sites to support college and career readiness, academic enrichment and intervention, student and parent engagement, health and wellness efforts and community safety initiatives to improve student outcomes determined by schools.  Click on the service below to review vendors' scope of services and fee schedules to determine if the services offered will fulfill your requirement.  Include the applicable contract number in your shopping cart request.

    A Virtual Services Plan (VSP) has been submitted by vendors to update schools on the services they are providing virtually. The vendors listed in red have submitted and received approval of their VSP.  Click on the vendor's name and the VSP is found on the last page of the document.  

SAP Contract # Contractor SAP Vendor # Product / Service Description Email Address
4400009775 !!!Apple iPad & Android Tablet Tutoring!!! 1000001937 After School Program, Health and Fitness, K-12 Enrichment & Tutoring

4400007631 9 Dots Community Learning Center 1000008195 Coding Curriculum and Professional Development;

4400007632 A World Fit for Kids 1000003120 Physical Activities and Wellness

4400007634 Advancement Through Opportunity and Knowledge dba Children Youth and Family Collaborative 1000003089 Foster Youth academic intervention

4400009776 After-School All-Stars, Los Angeles 1000002308 Academic Enrichment & Intervention, College & Career Readiness, Health, Fitness, & Sports Programs
4400007635 After School Interscholastic Sports Academy dba ASISA 1000013099 K-6 Physical Education and Sports Programming
4400007636 Angels Gate Cultural Center 1000011133 Visual and Performing Arts Residencies and Field Trips
4400007637 Arithmetic Solutions 1000003678 Mathematics (In-Person and LIVE Online Support), STEM
4400009982 Associated for Educational Success 1000009255 Professional Development & Accountability Strategies, School-site Workshops
4400007639 Boys & Girls Club of Burbank & Greater East Valley 1000018733 College and Career Readiness, STEM
4400007640 Boys & Girls Club of Carson 1000001715 College and Career Readiness, STEM
4400007641 Boys & Girls Club of Los Angeles Harbor 1000001682 College and Career Readiness
4400007642 Boys & Girls Club of Venice 1000004294

Academic Enrichment and Intervention (STEM, Athletics, Music)

4400007643 Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley 1000018811 Academic Support, College and Career Readiness, Health and Wellness;;

4400007644 Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley 1000002748 College and Career Readiness, STEM, Life Skills;

4400009983 Businesses United in Investing, Lending and Development (BUILD) 1000011496 Curriculum Enhancement, Teacher Professional Development & Support, Student & Parent Engagement Events;

4400007645 Center for Powerful Public Schools 1000008519 Professional Development, Coaching and Technical Assistance
4400009777 Children’s Institute, Inc. 1000006374

heARTbeats, Student Leadership Groups, Therapeutic Dance, Soccer Academy, STEAM Club, Entrepreneurial Education, Tutoring and Parent-Child Groups
4400009984 City Year, Inc. 1000005741 Academic Support, Social-emotional Development Coaching, Positive School Climate and Extended Day Programming;

4400007646 College Summit, Inc. dba Peerforward 1000002796 Student Training, Professional Development for School Advisor, Peer Coaching
4400007647 Communities in Schools Los Angeles 1000003399 In-School Academic Support, mentoring, positive behavior support;

4400009778 Community Partners 1000001991 Food Centered STEM Enrichment Programs
4400009779 Danielle Moore dba Teaching One Moore 1000008211 Professional Development Training, Classroom Instructional Practices, Student Interventions, Administrator Support, and Family Engagement
4400007675 DIY Girls 1000019394 STEM-based programming, Creative Coding, Creative Engineering
4400007648 Educare Foundation 1000000536 College and Career Readiness, Professional Development
4400007649 ETM-LA dba Education through Music - Los Angeles 1000002813 In-School Academic Enrichment through Music

4400007650 Families in Schools 1000002721  Family Engagement, College and Career Readiness;

4400007651 Find A Tree, LLC 1000013699  College and Career Readiness
4400007652 Fulfillment Fund 1000011481  Classroom-Based College Readiness, One-on-One Counseling, Parent Engagement

4400007653 Graham Strategies, Inc. dba The Financial Aid Shop 1000016923 Financial Aid Education and Workshops, Professional Development
4400007654 Grand Vision Foundation 1000009771 In-School Music Lessons, Student and Recital Performance;

4400007655 Guitars in the Classroom 1000010475 College and Career Readiness, Music Literacy
4400009810 Harbor Area Gang Alternatives Program dba Gang Alternatives Program (GAP) 1000001348 FITNESSGRAM® Focus Games, mentoring, BullyFree and Gangfree Life® prevention activities
4400007656 Inner-City Arts 1000004972 Visual, Media, and Performing Arts classes, Professional Development, and Live Performance;

4400007657 International Trade Education Programs, Inc. dba EXP 1000009223 College and Career Readiness

4400007658 Kaplan Test Prep a division of Kaplan, Inc. 1000001484 Advanced Placement Prep and Assessment
4400007659 LA's Best 1000004115 After School Arts Program, Digital Learning Programs;

4400007660 Living Advantage, Inc. 1000008198 College/Career Exploration, Student and Parent Engagement
4400007661 Los Angeles Brotherhood Crusade, Black United Fund, Inc. 1000012261 Educational Enrichment, Student Engagement, Restorative Justice
4400007662 Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers 1000005129 Curriculum-based Dance Residency, Field Trip
4400007663 Los Angeles Education Partnership 1000004285 Professional Development, Community School Development, College and Career Readiness;

4400009811 Los Angeles Maritime Institute 1000008443 At-sea Experiences, Oudoor & Environmental Education, Maritime Skills & Training, Summer Day Camps
4400007665 Los Angeles United Methodist Urban Foundation/Kids City 1000015431 College Readiness Workshops, Parent Engagement, Academic Support
4400009812 Mundo Academy 1000018504 Language Development & Academic Enrichment, Parent Workshops and Professional Dev, Tutoring and Test Prep

4400007666 New Hope Academy of Change 1000002853 STEAM, Interventions - Academic, Counseling (Trauma/Peer Coaching), College & Career Readiness, Enrichment-Ballet/Tap, Sports, Family Engagement Workshops;

4400009813 OneGoal 1000012705 College & Career Readiness Curriculum, Educator PD, Analytics & Monitoring
4400007667 Parent Engagement Academy 1000014539 FACTOR AND FACTOR 2 Course Curriculums, Parent Engagement Academy
4400007668 Partnership for Los Angeles Schools 1000007652 Family Engagement: Parent College workshops, Restorative Community Leads;

4400007669 Playworks Education Energized 1000006210  High-Functioning and Positive Recess Climate

PowerMyLearning, Inc.

1000001413 Professional Development and Family Engagement Services
4400007672  Revolution Prep, LLC 1000001499 Online Intervention, Instruction, and Exams; On-Demand Homework Help
4400007673  Seneca Family of Agencies 1000011218 Student Intervention Services, Leadership Coaching, Teacher Capacity Building
 4400007674 Shmoop University, Inc. 1000009528 Online Curriculum, Test Prep Guides, California-Specific and College Entrance Exams
4400009816 Shoulet Blunt dba Imago 1000017149

Graduation, College and Career Readiness, Attendance, Proficiency for All, Parent, Community, and Student Engagement, School Safety and Positive School Climate, Focus on Simplicity, and Whole Wellness Services
4400007676 Social and Public Art Resource Center 1000011197 Project-Based Learning, Leadership and Advocacy Training
 4400007677 Studentnest, Inc. dba 1000017440 Online Learning, Customized Learning Plans
4400007678  Study Smart Tutors, Inc. 1000006862  College Entrance Exam Preparation, Academic Tutoring
4400007679 Success for All Foundation, Inc. 1000007887 School-wide Support and Intervention, Instruction, Professional Development
4400007680  Teacher Created Materials, Inc. 1000003686 Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Curriculum;

4400007681 The Actors’ Gang 1000000960 Integrated Theatre Arts;

 4400007682 The H.E. Art Project dba artworxLA 1000014598 Arts Education and Workshops for Inner City Youth
4400007664 The Los Angeles Legacy Project 1000011944  Graduation, College and Career Readiness, Community and Student Engagement
 4400007683 The Plus Me Project 1000007701 Storytelling, Student Motivation and Confidence Through Role Models
 4400007685 The Unusual Suspects Theatre Company 1000011965  School-Based Theatre Residency Program 
4400007686  Total Education Solutions 1000006969 Academic Tutoring
4400007684  TPR Education, LLC 1000008518 Online Academic Tutoring and Test Preparation Services
4400007687  Two Bit Circus Foundation 1000005030 STEAM Lab, STEM
4400009817 UNITE-LA 1000000705 Career Readiness - Career Pathways in STEAM, Tech and Health Care, College Readiness - L.A. Cash for College
4400009818 University of Southern California-Center for Enrollment, Research, Policy & Practice 1000001684 Graduation, College and Career Readiness, Parent, Community and Student Engagement - Program and Professional Development, and Positive School Climate
4400007688  Variety Boys and Girls Club 1000017693 Academic Support and Counseling, Tutoring, Test Prep
4400007689 Woodcraft Rangers 1000005603 Arts Education, Environmental Education, STEM, Professional Development
4400007690  Yancy Life Transition Center 1000007663 Career Exploration, College and Career Prep, Academic Planning
4400007691  Young Producers Group, Inc. 1000010775  Music Technology Curriculum and Instruction


  • Black Student Achievement Plan (BSAP) Bench

    These community-based organizations and vendors may be contracted by school sites to support the BSAP in various areas including 1) safe passage, 2) peace building, 3) community development, 4) parent education/workshops, 5) college planning and participation, 6) student participation in mentoring and job training, 7) student mentoring and academic support (including social emotional, academic enrichment in the areas of Math, English, Science, and the Arts, and 8) leadership development to enhance student outcomes.

    Click on a vendor's name to review the vendor's scope of services and fee schedule to determine if the services offered will fulfill your requirement.  Include the applicable contract number in your shopping cart request. 

    A Virtual Service Plan (VSP) has been submitted by vendors to update schools on the services they are providing virtually.  The vendors listed in red have submitted and received approval of their VSP.  

    Work Order Form Fillable (applicable to any BSAP service)

SAP Contract # Contractor SAP Vendor # Vendor's scope of Service(s) &Fee Schedule(s) Service Description Email Address
4400011271  Dynasty's United Youth Association 1000021040   Dynasty's United Youth Assoc.   Academic Support

4400011272 New Hope Academy of Change 1000002853   New Hope Academy of Change  Academic Support, Leadership Development, College Planning, Parent Education, Mentoring Support, Peace Building, and Community Development.

4400011273 reDiscover Center, Inc.    1000015488 reDiscover Center Inc.   Arts Academic Support, and STEM/STEAM Academic Support 

4400011275 Educate California  1000013521 Educate California Parent Education

4400011276 Yancy Life Transition Center 1000007663 Yancy Life Transition Center  Social Emotional Support, Community Development, & Safe Passage

4400011277 Youth Guidance 1000021765 Youth Guidance Social Emotional Support;

4400011278 Study Smart Tutors Inc. 1000006862 Study Smart Tutors Inc. Academic Support, Parent Education, Social Emotional Support, College Planning, Arts Academic Support, Academic Intervention Support, and Leadership Development;

College Bound for Kids 1000016633 College Bound 4 Kids Academic Support

4400011280 Equation 2 Success, Inc. 1000015824 Equation 2 Success, Inc. Mentoring Support

4400011281 Achievement Initiative Foundation 1000022586 Achievement Initiative Foundation Academic Support, Social Emotional, Safe Passage

4400011282  STEM to the Future 1000016199 STEM to the Future Academic Support

4400011283 Inspiration 52 1000004666  Inspiration 52 Leadership Development

4400011284 SistahFriends Women's Counseling 1000026202 SistahFriends Women's Counseling Academic Support, Social Emotional

4400011285 Boys 2 Gentlemen 1000021421 Boys 2 Gentlemen Mentoring Support, Safe Passage, and Community Development

4400011286 Brothers Against Banging Youth (BABY)  1000007091  Brothers Against Banging Youth (BABY) Safe Passage, Peace Building, and Community Development;

4400011287 Community Based Public Safety Collective 1000026143

Community Based Public Safety Collective 

Safe Passage & Peace Building

4400011289 Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) 1000004285

Los Angeles Education Partnership

Community Development

4400011290  EduCare Foundation 1000000536 EduCare Foundation Peace Building



  • Goods (Commodities) and General Services Master Agreements

    Orders for Goods and General Services under these Master Agreements require an approved Shopping Cart through the District's financial system (SAP). 

    To better serve you, Arey Jones Educational Solutions has provided an LAUSD specific website for their company. Please click on the Contractor field to link to their website.

    Please contact Arey Jones at (800) 998-9199 for questions and quotes related to the below list of computer equipment contracts with Arey Jones.

    Please contact Apple - Diana Bushnell, LAUSD Inside Account Executive, at (737) 219-6431 for Apple contract questions or quotes.

    Please contact Herff Jones - Dallas Moon at (808) 716-0278 regarding the rental and purchase of caps, gowns, and accessories.

SAP Contract # Contract Start Date Contract End Date Contractor Product / Service Description SAP Vendor No.
4400007059 5/22/19 5/21/24 Apple Computer, Inc. Apple Equipment & Related Services 1000002409
4400009343 6/15/21 6/14/24 Arey Jones Educational Solutions Dell Computer Systems & Related Equipment 1000004373
4400009344 6/15/21 6/14/24 Arey Jones Educational Solutions Hewlett Packard Computer Systems & Related Equipment 1000004373
4400009346 6/15/21 6/14/24 Arey Jones Educational Solutions Integration Services 1000004373
4400009345 6/15/21 6/14/24 Arey Jones Educational Solutions Lenovo Computer Systems & Related Equipment 1000004373
4400010868 1/1/23 12/31/25 Herff Jones Rental & Purchase of Caps, Gowns and Accessories 1000004801