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    Procurement Services Support Center 
    8525 Rex Road                                 
    Pico Rivera, CA 90660       

    Travel Desk Main Line
    (562) 654-9058

    Region East & Region South
    Conference Attendance and Travel 

    Dee Washington
    (562) 654-9060

    Region North, Region West and Central Offices
    Conference Attendance and Travel

    Jonathan Mendez
    (562) 654-9393 

    PCAB DirectoryProcurement Services Division Staff Directory

  • Travel and Conference is responsible for assisting schools and offices in processing conference attendance and travel requests in accordance with District policies and procedures. Click here for a copy of the 
    School Employee Conference Attendance Approval Process.


    Travel Freeze Update

    The District Travel Freeze will continue for the 24-25 school year. A Freeze exception is required for any District Employee Travel/Conference Attendance and will require approval from the Office of the Deputy Superintendent. The Travel Freeze Exception will now be requested through the Concur system, the justification must be documented using the drop-down menu provided in Concur, and approval, if granted, will be documented via the Concur approval workflow. Uploading of the Freeze Form will no longer be required.

    The current freeze on Travel/Conference Attendance does not include virtual conferences, webinars, or online training. Travel/Conference Attendance request entry in Concur is not needed for virtual conferences, webinars, or online training. 

    The P-Card may be used to pay for these online registration fees.  If the cost is over the P-Card limit, please submit a Credit Card Exception Form to the P-Card Representative for your Region.

    Note: If the virtual conference attendee self-pays the on-line registration fees, the request for reimbursement will need to be submitted through Concur.


    Fillable Travel Request Form & Request for Reimbursement Form

    Please note the 10.12.1 Form has been separated into:

    After downloading, you must save a copy of the forms with a new file name to your computer before attempting to complete the form. 

    Remember, all out-of-state travel requests will require the approval of the Office of the Superintendent. Including the Transmittal form for all Out-Of-State travel requests. 

    COVID 19 District Travel Freeze Exception Request Form. Due to COVID-19 Travel Freeze, this is currently required for all Travel/Conference Attendance Requests and must be submitted for approval to the Office of the Deputy Superintendent.

    Click on this link for the Travel Bulletin 5525.3 

    For assistance contact the Travel Desk Representative for your area listed below or email the Travel Desk

    Please note the P-Card Unit and Travel Desk are no longer combined.
    See below for Travel Desk assignments:

    Dee Washington
    Region East and Region South 
    Conference Attendance and Travel 
    Phone: (562) 654-9060


    Ikumi Nakamura
    Region North, Region West and Central Offices  

    Conference Attendance and Travel 
    Phone: (562) 654-9393


    Travel Desk Main Line (562)654-9058 

    Helpful Information: Travel and Conference Standard Rates

    Item                           Rate
    Full Day Per Diem          $49 per day
    Half Day Per Diem         $24.50 per day
    Mileage                        $0.67 per mile
    Substitute                    $390.10 per day

     Please note: The mileage and substitute rate change yearly. 
    Please check this page periodically for updates.