• Rental of a Non-District Facility or Catering

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  • In order to process a request for the rental of a non-District facility or catering, a school or office must provide:

    • The Request for Use of Non-District Facility/Catering form

    • If over $250,000, submit the Transmittal Form for the Office of the Superintendent approval.

    • An approved Shopping Cart using Product Category 91852 (Rental of Facilities) or 64020 (Catering), and General Ledger 560001.

    • When creating the Shopping Cart, requestor should omit the Vendor Code/Name to prevent the Purchase Order from auto-generating.

    • Provide the event-related, unsigned vendor’s contract, invoice or quote.

    • For processing, scan and email forms, quote and Shopping Cart/LRP to

    • Do not sign a contract with a vendor.  School Principals, Office Administrators, Heads of Organizations and/or Senior Staff DO NOT have the authority to sign vendors’ contracts or agreements.  

    • If you have any questions concerning Non-District Facility/Catering transactions please email

    If the vendor requires advanced payment, please refer to BUL-4589.1 for policy and procedures.