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    School Bus Rules


    Students who are provided District transportation are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner when engaging with the bus driver, school staff, other students, or any member of the community. Students who ride school buses are expected to adhere to the same rules of conduct and behavior on the school bus as in school. Ensuring that there is orderly conduct on and around the bus is the responsibility of the school bus driver (Title 5, California Code of Regulations Section 14103). Any student who engages in misconduct, disrupts school bus travel, disrespects the school bus driver, or jeopardizes the safety of school bus rides is subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or removal from the bus transportation program. If parents/legal guardians have questions regarding student conduct on the school bus, contact (800) 522-8737 or visit: https://achieve.lausd.net/transportation


    Below are school bus rules and instructions that you should read and discuss with your student to ensure that safe bus riding practices are followed.

    1. Parents/legal guardians should review the bus rules with their children.
    2. Parents/legal guardians and children should visit the stop location prior to the first day of school and make sure their children know the safest way to and from the bus stop.
    3. Students should be prepared to board the bus five (5) minutes before their scheduled pick-up time and make sure students are standing in the designated area, visible to the driver when the bus arrives.
    4. To ensure the safety of the children, parents/legal guardians or an authorized person should be at the bus stop each day when their child is picked up and dropped off.
    5. Parents/legal guardians and children should know their route number, school name, and stop location. If the bus has not arrived within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled arrival time, please contact the Transportation Services Division at 1-800-LA BUSES (1-800-522-8737).


    1. Pick up and drop off times may change due to route adjustments or changes to school start/end times. Traffic and/or weather conditions may impact the travel time.
    2. For student information changes, such as address or phone numbers, parents/legal guardians must immediately notify the school.
    3. If parents/legal guardians have questions or concerns regarding School Bus Transportation, please contact (800) LA-BUSES / (800) 522-8737 or visit: https://achieve.lausd.net/transportation.
    4. Students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) which includes transportation as a related service must be received by a parent/legal guardian, an adult, or authorized receiver.
    5. Children in grades Pre-K – 2 (Pre-Kindergarten – 2nd grade) must be received by a parent/legal guardian, an adult, or authorized receiver at the designated bus stop.  Please note: The Transportation Services Division will not leave elementary school-age children in second grade or below unattended at drop-off locations for student safety. Drivers do not allow elementary school-age children in second grade or below to disembark without determining if an authorized receiving person is present. The driver will ask the children to point out who is picking them up. If the driver is unfamiliar with the receiver or the child does not recognize the receiving person, the driver will not drop off the student, and the driver will contact the Bus Operations Dispatch office for instructions.


    1. Any individuals receiving a student from a bus will need to be able to provide identification in order to verify that they can receive said student.


    1. If you have questions about your student’s route information, contact the Transportation Services Division at 1-800-LA BUSES (1-800-522-8737). Please have your child’s information ready when you call.