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Safe Bus Riding Practices Program

  • The Transportation Services Division has developed the following "Safe Bus Riding Practices Program" to comply with Section 39831.5 of the Education Code; which requires all pupils at the elementary and secondary level who are transported in a school bus to receive instruction in bus emergency procedures.

  • A.  At least once in each school year, all pupils in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and grades one through eighth, inclusive, who receive home-to-school transportation, shall receive safety instruction which includes, but is not limited to, proper loading and unloading procedures, including escorting by the driver, proper passenger conduct, bus evacuation, and location of emergency equipment. 

    Bus evacuation drills will be conducted annually the first ten weeks of the first semester by each school bus driver transporting pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students who are part of the home-to-school program.  Appropriate adult supervisors are also required to participate.  Principals should contact their Area Bus Supervisor or Regional Transportation Manager to schedule this drill, which will last approximately 30 minutes.

    B.  A six-minute video program entitled, "Bus Safety: Safe Riding Practices and Bus Evacuation", was developed to be shown to all students and assigned adult riders who assist in supervising transported students.

    C.  Prior to the start of all school activity trips, bus drivers are required to review all safety rules, including location of emergency exits, location and use of emergency equipment, and proper student conduct.  

  • School Bus Safety Video

    School Bus Safety - Video (With Captions):

Each year, school Principals must complete Form 78.280 to certify that the bus safety video has been shown to all students and that arrangements will be made to conduct bus evacuation drill for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade students who are part of the home-to-school program within the first ten weeks of the first semester.  The certified documents should be scanned and emailed to transportation.branch@lausd.net by the second Friday in October. It can also be mailed to the Transportation Services Division Safety Center Office by school mail. School bus drivers will complete and submit Form 78.281 to certify that the bus evacuation drill has been completed.

For more information about the Safe Riding Practices Program, refer to Reference Guide REF-6142.3.


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