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    Secondary Literacy Textbook Resources 

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    Middle School Textbook Codes: 

    Collections:  GKJ3Q-V35K5

    StudySync:  RVVMD-M9HHC

    SpringBoard: 75RPG-PR7H6

    High School Textbook Group Codes: 

    StudySync:  ZCHBK-NX7FX

    myPerspectives: 9NT57-3VWZ4

    Collections:  37CH2-6TDK5

  • Essential Tools for Planning Instruction 


    LAUSD Secondary ELA Curriculum Map System 
    The Secondary ELA Curriculum Maps were designed to assist teachers with aligning their instruction to the California Common Core State Standards. Click on the link below to access the maps for your grade level. 

    Curriculum Maps: Grades 6-8

    Curriculum Maps: Grades 9-10

    Standards and Frameworks 
    Click the link below to access the updated versions of the California Common Core State Standards (2013) and the California ELA/ELD Framework (2015).   

    California ELA/ELD Framework