Region East

Special Education

Local District East Special Education Support Center (SESC)

  • The mission of the Division of Special Education is “to provide leadership, guidance, and support to the school community in order to maximize learning for all students within an inclusive environment, so that each student will contribute to and benefit from our diverse society."

    Local District East Special Education Service Center's goal is to ensure that "All Students are Life-Ready, College-Prepared, and/or Career-Ready for the 21st Century."

    The Special Education Service Center Staff provides instructional support and expertise with K-12 curriculum, instruction, and assessment for students with disabilities. These services may include

    • Working with schools to implement strategies and professional development for core instruction, alternate curriculum, behavior support, and transition services.
    • Providing schools and IEP teams with technical assistance regarding IDEA and California Education Code pertaining to special education.
    • Supporting the many facets of Special Education, such as, Psychological services, Related Services, Private School support, Early Childhood Special Education, and Inclusion Program Support,
    • Helping to equip our school teams with tools and strategies for all students. 


    Special Education Service Center East Staff

    Special Education Administrator

    Yolanda Bueno


    Miguel Agredano (Least Restrictive Environment)

    Laurie Cooley (Least Restrictive Environment)

    Ebony Dewitt (Special Education)

    Carol Katayama (Special Education)

    James Perreault (Special Education)

    Yolanda Rivera (Least Restrictive Environment)

    Program Specialists

    Elida Nunez

    Guadalupe Pedroza

    Mayra Rodriguez




    Specialist, Behavior Support

    Lesa Macewan

    Behavior Specialist

    Jennifer Su


    Psychological Services Coordinator 

    Delia Flores

    Psychological Services Specialists

    Martha Alvarado Holguin

    Alexandra Madrigal


    Special Education Resource Nurse

    Leilani Poblete

    Early Childhood Special Education, Program Specialist

    Marla Gudiel



  • Other Units

    • Special Education Service Center- Operations can be reached via the Call Center at (213) 241- 6701, and can assist with:
      • Arranging transportation services
      • Provide technical assistance with implementation of Welligent Integrated System at school sites
      • Provide technical assistance processing assistant/trainee positions
      • Make needs-based decisions regarding opening/closing programs
    • The Due Process, Related Services, Compliance, Charter, and Private School units will continue to provide the services and functions as they have in the past. Contact these units through the Call Center at (213) 241-6701.
    • The Complaint Response Unit/Parent Resource Network (CRU/PRN) will continue to provide services and functions as it has in the past. Contact with this unit will continue through their existing telephone number (800) 933-8133.

    Please visit the Division of Special Education Website: for information about special education in LAUSD, including the special education process, policies and procedures, sources of support and assistance, and much more.