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    Pupil Services and Attendance

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    The mission of Pupil Services staff is to ensure that all LAUSD students are
    enrolled, attending, engaged, and on-track to graduate

    Pupil Services Counselors are child welfare and attendance advocates who utilize a three-tiered model (prevention, early intervention and intensive intervention)

    to improve individual and system-wide student attendance, engagement, achievement and graduation.

    Pupil Services Counselors work directly with students who experience difficulties in achieving their academic potential

    due to social/emotional, home and community barriers.

    Pupil Services Counselors in specialized units provide additional support services

    that are needed by the specific populations they serve. 


    LD EAST PSA Team
    LD EAST PSA Team

    The Pupil Services Office is available for consultation.  If you have any questions/concerns regarding Child Welfare and Attendance issues, you may contact the LD East Pupil Services line at (323) 224-5940.  

    Contact us at:
    Graciela Ortiz, Field Coordinator, Pupil Services and Attendance
    (323) 224-5905
    Eunice Martinez, Specialist, Pupil Services and Attendance
    (323) 224-5902
    Favian Rodriguez, PSA Lead Counselor
    (323) 224-3363
    Chan Paulino, PSA Lead Counselor
    (323) 224-5901
    School Attendance Review Board Chairperson
    (323) 224-3100
    Susana Ortiz, PSA Aide
    (323) 224-3125

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