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     SBAC Math Claims
    Understand the Smarter Balanced Assessment Claims, and investigate how the Claims guide teaching and learning.
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    Explore Common Core Standard for Mathematical Practice 3 & My Math connections and plan learning experiences and instruction that meets the needs of our diverse learners. 
    pocket number talks
    Learn about and facilitate Number Talk activities designed to enhance students’ number sense and fluency.
    pocket problem solving
    Explore John Van de Walle’s three phase problem solving structure which promotes student discussion and sense making.
    Explore connections between three phase problem solving and the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice.

    At the heart of college and career readiness is the need to increase the level of rigor in our classrooms.  Norman Webb’s Depth-of-Knowledge (DOK) helps us to understand cognitive complexity as it relates to standards, curricular activities, and next-generation assessment tasks.


    Problem Solving Video Title
    Number Talk Video Title
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