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Region North Instruction

Region North Instruction

  • Introduction

    The Region North Instructional Services Support (ISS) team focuses on student achievement by providing resources for equity, collaboration, and excellence. Our work is guided by the LAUSD Strategic Plan: Pillar 1 - Academic Excellence: Rigorous and Responsive Academic Programs to Achieve Excellence for All and Pillar 5-Investing in Staff: Development and Uplifting of Talented Staff to Serve All Students.


    Led by the Administrators of Instruction, our coordinators support the schools’ needs including, but not limited to: High-Quality Instruction, Enriching Experiences, Eliminating Opportunity Gaps, and College and Career Readiness. Below is a list of important resources for families’ quick reference.


    The Region North Instructional Services Support (ISS) team has extensive knowledge in standards-based teaching and learning for literacy, numeracy, Social Emotional Learning, and STEAM. Our counseling and A-G team understands the complexities of whole-child programming for students to be successful during and beyond their academic careers. Members of our Instructional team have held a range of K-12 positions, including  teacher, counselor, coordinator, and administrator. Together, we strive to provide cohesive services to all Region North staff, students, and families. 


  • Counseling
  • Data
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Title 1
  • Region North Instructional Services Support (ISS) team


    Dr. A. Flores, Administrator of Instruction


    Mrs. M. Keipp, Administrator of Instruction


    Steve Allen, Elementary Math PD Coordinator 


    Manny Barajas, TK-12 MMAL Coordinator 


    Trish Birk, Elementary Math PD Coordinator 


    Denise Casco, K-12 ELA PD Coordinator 


    Dr. LaDonna Oduwole, Secondary Math PD Coordinator


    Yolanda Jimenez, PreK-12 Counseling Coordinator


    Tony Karch, Title I Coordinator 


    Jennifer Krauss, K-12 ELA PD Coordinator 


    Maribel Macias Contreras, Social Emotional Learning Adviser TK-12


    Ramon Mella, A-G Administrative Coordinator 


    Michele Parsons, Instructional Data Coordinator 


    Cecilia Riquelme, Title I Coordinator 


    Rocio Saldana, UTK-12 MMAL Coordinator 


    Daniella Simon, Title I Coordinator 


    Chris Sims, STEAM Coordinator 


    Angelica Streif, PreK-12 Counseling Coordinator 


    Annette Townsell, BSAP TK-12 Instructional Coordinator


    Jeraldy Vega, Secondary Math PD Coordinator


    Kimberly Wright, BSAP Administrator Coordinator


    Ms. Moradi, Senior Secretary