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  • Student Discipline and Expulsion Support Unit


    The Office of Student Discipline and Expulsion Support oversees and provides assistance for all matters pertaining to formal student discipline in the District. This office is responsible for updating the District with current State and Federal laws and regulations as well as Board mandate regarding formal student discipline, developing formal student discipline policies and procedures that ensure District compliance with due process and fair hearing requirements for suspensions and expulsions, and providing expulsion support services to all expelled students. The major functions are:


    Pre-Expulsion Services

    • Provide updated State and Federal laws and regulations, District policies, Board mandates, and legislation relating to formal student discipline.
    • Develop District formal student discipline policies and procedures that are aligned with laws, regulations, rules, and mandates, including suspensions, opportunity transfers, expulsions, reinstatements, and admissions of other districts’ expellees.
    • Process expulsion recommendations and admission applications by conducting State-mandated expulsion, admission, revocation, and reinstatement hearings.
    • Provide District-wide trainings and professional development to all district staff, as well as presentations to parents and community members. 


    Post-Expulsion Services

    The Los Angeles Unified School District’s AB 922 Student Expulsion Support Services was in part established in response to Assembly Bill 922 (AB 922). This state-mandated program is designed to facilitate the provision of educational and support services for all expelled students. Core program services include:

    • Facilitate appropriate and timely educational placements for all expelled students. 
    • Conduct comprehensive student/parent intake assessments and developing rehabilitation plans. 
    • Provide direct services to support student social, behavioral and academic progress.
    • Consult, collaborate, and coordinate services with other service providers. (e.g. Probation, DCFS, Mental Health Agencies).
    • Facilitate the Reinstatement Review Committee for students who have met eligibility criteria. 
    • Per the Delegation of Authority, recommend reinstatement on behalf of the Board of Education, and place students in appropriate educational programs after reinstatements. 
    • Facilitate individual and group counseling (e.g. Social Skills, CBITS).
    • Conduct home visits to support students and families in the home environment and provide supplemental resources to improve student outcomes. 

    Student Discipline and Expulsion Support (SDES) Staff Directory


    Counselor of the Day

    Phone: (213) 202-7555


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