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    Professional Development

    Hope, Mastery, and Collaboration

    Introduction and Purpose

    Quality professional development honors our invaluable SHHS staff, who compassionately serve students, families, and schools everyday. We recognize that staff are better equipped to meet the needs of school communities when their professional goals are supported. There is also a strong connection between professional growth, work engagement, and staff well-being. All of these reasons drive our work. We identify relevant, timely, and meaningful training through staff surveys and evaluations.

    This SHHS Professional Development web page is a curated resource of online and downloadable webinars that cultivate hope, mastery, and collaboration in service to our students, families, and schools.

    The searchable database offers a wide range of topics such as: trauma-informed practices, anti-racist practices, mental health, LGBTQI, child welfare and attendance, COVID-19, grief and many more. 

    Table 1 below features recorded webinars provided by and for SHHS staff or departments (for example, School Mental Health; Human Relations, Diversity & Equity; and Positive Behavior Interventions and Support/Restorative Practices). Recordings of these webinars are available by clicking the linked titles. Schools who wish for a facilitated training may contact the related office. 

    Table 2 below lists webinars produced by external providers, including the UCLA Center for Excellence, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN), and other organizations. Some of these external trainings offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

    Featured Online Training Series

    The DMH-UCLA Prevention Center of Excellence Learning Center provides trauma-informed, educational-related resources to address learning in the context of COVID-19. To sign up, simply visit: https://learn.wellbeing4la.org/.

    Examples of free webinars available include:

    • Educators Overcoming Under Stress: This series includes engaging interviews that explore workplace resilience and wellbeing, student and family engagement, professional development, challenges, best practices, and preparation for reopening.
    • Cultivating Compassionate Schools: Hear from educators, mental health professionals and former students as they share firsthand accounts of the challenges and successes of creating a nurturing school community. Watch this video to explore the importance of building a school environment that is sensitive to trauma and promotes resilience.
    • Enhancing Professional Wellbeing: Learn about wellbeing from fellow LA County employees and explore fictional situations to gain strategies for supporting professional wellbeing. This course is designed to explore ways to maintain personal wellbeing, support a positive working environment, and reduce feelings of burnout.


    For additional information, contact Maria.Chua@lausd.net or Judy.Chiasson@lausd.net

    Disclaimer: This database identifies internal and external resources that may be useful for our staff and stakeholders. The opinions expressed on these pages are solely those of the host website and not necessarily those of the Los Angeles Unified. Any advertising presented on external sites is solely the responsibility of the host site and not the Los Angeles Unified. Inclusion in this database does not constitute any endorsement by Los Angeles Unified of the products or services of those enterprises.


    SHHS Recorded Webinars


      Engagement Skills

      • Fentanyl Awareness

        This webinar for SHHS staff discusses resources around substance use and Fentanyl awareness.

        making Choices & Fentanyl Awareness - 10-18-22 webinar

        Presenters: Jules Gomez, Human Relations, Diversity and Equity, Antonio Roque, Diego Rivera Learning Complex, Dr. Smith Malthotra, Office of the Medical Director, Ailleth Tom Torrico, School Mental Health, Crisis Counseling and Intervention Services


        Supporting Grieving Students

        Supporting grieving Student - video

        Presenter: Dr. David Schonfeld


        Student and Family Engagement: Asian American Pacific Islander Communities

        Student and Family Engagement video

        Speakers: Dean Tagawa, Ed.D.; Mylene Keipp; So Noh, JD; Geraldine Hernandez-Abisror; Maria Chua

        “I will collaborate with my teams at each school, ask students about their diversity experiences and challenges, assets, brainstorm ways we can celebrate the amazing array of cultures that make up our school community.”

        “This was a great webinar and I really enjoyed listening to the various roles and their stories. Thank you!”


        Creative Strategies for Student & Family Engagement for SHHS
        SHHS staff from various departments share their most effective strategies for engaging students and families.

        All SHHS Staff Meeting, Fall 2020

        Duration: 1.5 hrs.  |  Date: 2-10-21

        Presenters: LAUSD SHHS Staff: Stacey Lamperelli, PSA, Eva Muñoz, PSA, Karen Norwood, SSP, Jack Klein, SOS Adviser, Talia Guppy, HRDE, Nancy Moreno, SMH, Mabel Rafael-Ramos, SMH


        “The panel was just fantastic!!!! I was blown away with all the creativity and ideas out there. Our students and families are truly so fortunate to have such amazing support.”

        “I liked the various presenters sharing what they're doing on their campuses.”

        “It refreshed my feelings of PSA work and how to keep working outside of the box.”


        Meaningful Theories for Student & Family Engagement for SHHS
        A brief review of transactional analysis, structural family therapy, and motivational interviewing approaches to guide efforts to engage students and families.

        Meaningful Theories for Student & Family Engagement for SHHS

        Duration: 1 hr.  |  Date: 2-10-21

        Presenter: Alejandra Acuña, PhD, LCSW


        “Dr. Acuña’s entire presentation resonated with me as I use these theories in my everyday practice with my families. It was simple, organized and just amazing!”

        “The practicality of the theories and how we can begin using these strategies with our families as of now resonated.”


        Student & Family Engagement: American Indian/Alaska Native Community

        Student & Family Engagement: American Indian/Alaska Native Community, November 17, 2021








        Duration: 1:45:21  |  Date: 11-17-21

        Speakers: Rita Ledesma, PhD, LCSW, Carrie Johnson, PhD, Scott Andrews, PhD, Jenée Ornelas & Natasha Daniels, and Robyn Gomez, LCSW

        "I really enjoyed all the information that was presented, but I really like the Native Program and what they do for the community."

        "If I come across Native American students, I will support students by connecting students with programs/services/mentors that I have learned about today."

        "I am more aware and cognizant about our Native, Indigenous, and Alaska Native families and students. I would love to find out more about instructional resources to grow this awareness in our classrooms."




      Hope & Inspiration


        All SHHS Staff Meeting, Fall 2020

        All SHHS Staff Meeting, Fall 2020

        Duration: 1 hr.  |  Date: 8-17-20

        Presenters: Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, The Trauma Steward Institute


        All SHHS Staff Meeting, Fall 2021

        All SHHS Staff Meeting, Fall 2021

        Duration: 3 hrs.  |  Date: 8-13-21

        Presenters:Keith Davis, Just Say Yes Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, The Trauma Steward Institute


        “Keith Davis' story was very powerful!”

        “Laura really has very practical tools to implement so we can bring our best selves to work.”

        “To take action, support one another.”

        “Overall just the message of regaining the love we have for our profession and not giving up.”

        “My next step is to motivate and be inspired by our students.”



      Intervention Skills


        Managing Anxiety in Children (part 1) for SHHS

        Managing Anxiety in Children (part 1) for SHHS

        Date: 10-28-21

        Presenters: John Piacentini, PhD & Monica Wu, PhD, UCLA


        “I really appreciated the different coping skills techniques, tactile and deep breathing. The presenters were amazing, very knowledgeable and presented very well. This was a fantastic presentation in the work that we do with students.”

        “This was a really excellent and informative webinar. The presenters were very professional and delivered a very clear and comprehensive presentation about anxiety.”


        Managing Anxiety in Children (part 2) for SHHS

        Managing Anxiety in Children (part 2) for SHHS

        Date: 10-29-21

        Presenters: John Piacentini, PhD & Monica Wu, PhD, UCLA


        “I appreciated the information on how to distinguish the different types of anxiety. I also appreciate the different techniques that we can utilize to help students who are dealing with anxiety. Lastly, I appreciate the examples and videos you provided so we can have a better understanding of what some of the typical behaviors look like.”

        “Knowledgeable presenters who adjusted approach for various levels of learners; videos & clear, instructional examples; additional resources (Wellbeing4LA, CARES website); breaking content up over two days helped engagement.”


        Law & Ethics (part 1) for SHHS

        Law & Ethics (part 1) for SHHS

        Date: 5-25-21

        Presenters: Myles Montgomery, LCSW, JD, CSU Sacramento


        “I appreciate the discussion on ethical considerations regarding issues relevant to current times (COVID-19, distance learning) as students and clients are seeking services using telehealth options.”

        “I really liked how the presenter answered questions from the audience as he presented the information. The information was clear and precise and well explained. I also really liked how the presenter tied technology into how we practice in today's times and the ever evolving SW field.”


        Law & Ethics (part 2) for SHHS

        Law & Ethics (part 2) for SHHS

        Date: 5-27-21

        Presenters: Myles Montgomery, LCSW, JD, CSU Sacramento


        “All the information presented was explained well and visuals were helpful. I also appreciated the presenter's energy.”

        “I appreciated the discussion of an appropriate informed consent example addressing media usage.”


        Supporting Our International Newcomers

        Supporting Our International Newcomers

        Duration: 1 hr.  |  Date: 5-26-21

        Presenters: LAUSD SHHS Staff


        Motivational Interviewing for PSA and SSP


        Duration: 4 hrs.  |  Date: 6-2021 & 8-2021

        Presenters: Allen E. Lipscomb, Psy.D., LCSW, CSU Northridge


        “I truly enjoyed the presentation! I’m looking forward to practicing motivational interviewing with my students!”

        “Easy and direct.  Conversational style.  Real examples.”

        “The training enabled me to consider other ways of interacting with students, parents and others.”

        Solution Focused Brief Therapy for FamilySource and YouthSource


        Duration: 4 hrs.  |  Date: 8-10-21 & 8-12-21

        Presenters: Alejandra Acuña, PhD, LCSW, LAUSD & CSU Northridge

        “I appreciated the examples that were used and the case studies that were presented to illustrate SFBT strategies. The slides with examples of coping questions are also useful. I also liked the concept of asking the client ‘What's better?’ "

        “I appreciated the ability to practice concepts and techniques with each other. I also really liked the case studies presented.”

        “I appreciate that we are regularly offered and provided rich content training that is current and relevant to the work that we do. This topic is very relevant to the work that I do.”



      Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC)


        Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Human Trafficking

        Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and Human Trafficking - Day 2

        CSEC Training - Day 2


        Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and Human Trafficking - Day 3

        CSEC Training Day 3

        Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and Human Trafficking - Day 4

        CSEC Training - Day 4



        Human Trafficking (part 1) for SHHS

        Human Trafficking (part 1) for SHHSHuman Trafficking (part 1) for SHHS

        Date: 4-6-21

        Presenters: Holly Priebe, MSW, USC & Linet Lanoukh, DSW, LAUSD


        “The presenters professionalism, authenticity, and gentle nature. They presented very explicit, traumatic, and content that is difficult to hear with such style and grace.”

        “I appreciate the thoughtful presentation of the material, the quick response to questions and the knowledge I gained.”


        Human Trafficking (part 2) for SHHS

        Human Trafficking (part 2) for SHHS

        Date: 4-8-21

        Presenters: Holly Priebe, MSW, USC & Linet Lanoukh, DSW, LAUSD


        “I appreciate the compassion and empathy that the presenters had with the topic. I also appreciated how they addressed the micro aggressions of service providers that prevent some victims from getting help.”

        “I appreciated the pace of the presentation and the connection between Dr. Danoukh and Holly. They are both filled with knowledge and expertise and presented very difficult facts/material with grace.”

      Duration Description Website CEU/Cost Topics
      Varies The Museum of Tolerance's virtual PD experiences offer insights and tools that you can use NOW. http://www.museumoftolerance.com hate, bias, LGBT
      6 hrs. Bounce Back is a school-based group intervention for elementary students exposed to stressful and traumatic events. https://bouncebackprogram.org/ trauma, resilience
      5 hrs. The Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools is a school-based, group and individual intervention to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder depression and behavioral problems. https://cbitsprogram.org/ CBIT, PTSD, depression, attendance, behavior
      Varies CE for Less Trainings on topics related to schools, PPSC, children, youth, and families. https://ce4less.com/UnlimitedCoursesInfo CEU $ partner violence, suicide, ethics
      2 hrs. EMDRIA released guidelines on EMDR therapy using telehealth. https://emdr-training.net no cost
      1 hr. Millions of Americans are incurring financial debt and lost income during COVID. This addresses how to support clients with COVID-19 financial stress. https://financialsocialwork.com FREE/CEU poverty, COVID
      9 hrs. The National Child Traumatic Stress Network Brings together experts on the impact of community violence on youth and families. https://learn.nctsn.org trauma, families, psychological first aid, grief, violence
      2 hrs. Focusing on how to implement EMDR Therapy remotely. https://www.centralohioemdrconnection.com EMDR, COVID, virtual care
      10-weeks Engage in this course on increasing your happiness and building more productive habits. https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being well-being
      2 hrs. Katie Couric explores the rapidly evolving complexities of gender identity through on a unique journey - from birth to death - to discover the dynamics of gender in 2016. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=10154790608436005 gender, transgender
      1 hrs. HRC workshops review research and strategies to create more supportive schools and communities for LGBTQ+ youth. https://www.hrc.org/resources/project-thrive-webinars race, LGBT, families, resilience, trauma
      Varies The National Child Traumatic Stress Network offers resources and trainings on a range of topics including trauma, assessment and intervention techniques, racism, and systems change. https://www.nctsn.org/resources/training FREE/CEU trauma, psychological first aid, substance abuse
      1.5 The National Institute of Mental Health, Office for Disparities Research and Workforce Diversity hosts a variety of webinar series. https://www.nimhodwdwebinars.com/ mental health, trauma, LGBT, suicide
      Varies The Coalition to Support Grieving Students offers resources to empower school communities in the ongoing support of their grieving students. https://grievingstudents.org/ grief, trauma, COVID, schools, pandemic
      Varies PESI, Inc. provides a variety of continuing education services for mental health, rehab, and healthcare professionals. https://www.pesi.com/ CEU $ trauma, COVID, mental health, virtual care
      Varies PracticeWise offers innovative tools and services to help clinicians improve the quality of health care for children and adolescents. https://www.practicewise.com CEU $ anxiety, trauma, stress, conduct problems
      Varies The Human Rights Campaign and the National LGBT Health Education Center offer learning modules on LGBTQ health topics. CME/CEU and HEI approved. https://www.hrc.org/hei/the-national-lgbt-health-education-center#Q-38469 FREE/CEU/CME LGBT, Health care, nurses
      1 hrs. Embrace Race offers resources and webinars on raising a generation of children who are thoughtful, informed and brave about race. http://www.embracerace.org race, children, violence
      Varies Apply self-care, resilience, and healing to help ourselves, our students and our clients. http://www.niroga.org Mindfulness, trauma, staff, students, wellness. Self-care
      Varies Webinars on white privilege and anti-racism for white people http://www.shellytochluk.com Race, justice, privilege
      Varies Teaching Tolerance’s webinars and resources cultivate positive identity formation, encourage students to confront racial and ethnic injustice, and prepare them to live and work in a diverse world. https://www.tolerance.org/professional-development/webinars Race, justice, diversity, identity, sexual and gender identity, ability, class, bias, bullying, mental health
      varies Mental Health America is dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the mental health of all. https://mhanational.org/mha-webinars certificate COVID-19, mental health, BIPOC, suicide, gender, racism, trauma
      varies The UCLA Friends of Semel Open Mind series invites scientists, researchers, clinicians, authors and filmmakers who raise awareness and erase stigma about mental illness. https://www.friendsofnpi.org/calendar mental health, grief, parenting
      Varies LAUSD's Human Relations,Diversity & Equity has a robust catalog of trainings on topics such as Courageous Conversations for Antiracist Schools; Welcome Back to 2020; bullying & cyberbullying; and 10+ modules on LGBTQ. https://www.lausd.org/human-relations anti-racism, sexual harassment, gender identity, BIPOC, xenophobia, COVID
      varies Sanford Harmony offers webinars about social emotional learning and practical strategies https://www.sanfordharmony.org/webinars/ communication, empathy, trauma


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