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    College Advising Program


    The College Advising Program provides comprehensive, evidence-based multi-tiered supports, and services focused on mitigating barriers to college access for underrepresented and underserved student populations. Our program specifically targets services to support our students in foster care, experiencing homelessness, living in poverty, and English learners, in order to bridge the college access gap.



    The College Advising Program is a collaborative effort between the Division of Student Health and Human Services and Division of Instruction to increase college access and college completion among Los Angeles Unified School District graduates. Nine College Advisement School Social Workers provide services to select comprehensive high schools and their associated continuation high school. 



    • Awareness: Increase awareness and understanding of post-secondary options and resources 
    • Eligibility: Increase passage of A-G courses with a C or better and completion of requirements necessary for college entrance success
    • Preparedness: Increase student aspirations and beliefs in college attainment and develop knowledge, skills, dispositions and attributes necessary for post-secondary success
    • Access: Increase college access for underrepresented populations and activities related to college planning, admission, and financial aid 
    • Fulfillment: Increase the number of students enrolling, attending, persisting, and completing college



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