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  • Support for Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Programs (STRTPs)


    Pupil Services and Attendance (PSA) Counselors and Psychiatric Social Workers (PSW) in LAUSD’s Student Health and Human Services Title I, Part-A Neglected Student Support Programs provide individualized supplemental support for students living in Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Programs (STRTP, formerly known as Group Homes) in order to enhance their academic achievement and college-going school cultures, while providing these underrepresented students with motivation, knowledge, and skills aimed to increase access to higher education/postsecondary services.


    These PSAs and PSWs aim to build capacity for students who reside in STRTPs, in order for the students to become vocational or college/postsecondary-ready. The PSAs and PSWs help students navigate the college, employment, and vocational training, as well as the independent living application process. In addition, the PSAs and PSWs serve as liaisons between STRTPs and school-site staff and address any barriers to help ensure students’ success. Furthermore, the PSAs and PSWs provide a range of services that address the social-emotional and educational needs of students  

    • Advocate for student educational rights and resources 
    • Augment students’ network of support by facilitating connection to programs and community resources that promote college success 
    • Build the capacity of stakeholders to promote college-attending culture  
    • Implement targeted strategies to support academic and non-academic skills needed for college readiness and college completion 
    • Provide intensive case management, which includes developing action plans, planning for college, and navigating the college application process 


    Program Goals

    • Achievement: Increase the number of targeted student populations receiving academic support (tutoring) in order to graduate and enroll and attend higher education/postsecondary institutions/vocational opportunities. 
    • Awareness: Increase awareness of higher education/postsecondary options/resources for all targeted student population and implement strategies to enhance college-going school cultures.
    • Transition: Provide services to successfully transition students from institutionalization to continue schooling, post-secondary and/or employment by increasing the number of students enrolled in community college and/or trade schools. Increase the number of students who obtain job training and employment. 
    • School Stability: Implement school stability measures for students in the program who have had a change of foster care placement.
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